5 Video Types You Can Use to Promote Your Business


Whether you are starting your own business or looking for a self-employed side hustle as an extra source of income to your regular job, one thing’s for sure – you’ll need some great content if you want your business to survive online. Today, we’re living in the information age, where tons of different content is available to everybody who needs it right at the touch of a button. Whatever business you run or work you do, you can be sure that you will compete against hundreds or even thousands of other companies and content creators.

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YouTube has soared to the top of the list as the most popular social network, and TikTok isn’t far behind. It’s clear that today, users value video content over almost any other kind of content. And it’s easy to see why – video is fun to watch, easier to digest compared to reading a lengthy article, and you can watch it from your phone, iPad, computer, TV, and a whole host of other electronic media devices. The stats back it up – businesses who use a lot of video in their content tend to enjoy better social engagement, more sales, and improved brand awareness. So, what kind of video is best for your brand? There are various video styles, each with advantages for your business. Let’s examine the different video styles used to create business content and promote your brand.

Commercial & Promo Videos

Advertising your products and services in a video is a great way to get it out there without overselling it and helps you avoid getting lost in the sea of text and image adverts available online. A commercial or promotional video that tells a great story about your brand and keeps the viewer hooked is always the best option. These videos are created to create awareness of a certain product or service and encourage your target audience to spend their money. Use the tape to demonstrate what sets your business apart from the rest and show, rather than tell, your target customers why they would do well to choose your brand over the others.

Explainer Videos

If you’ve ever watched a video that showed you how to do something or how something works, then the chances are that you’ve seen an explainer video. These educational short videos, commonly known as explainer videos, last no more than two minutes and provide useful information to the watcher. Most explainer videos are animated but do not have to be. It’s a type of video that often works well for tech and web companies offering online products. Short animations can grab the audience’s attention and easily explain a concept. It’s instrumental for clearly demonstrating conceptual or abstract ideas, like cloud computing. The video experts at Spiel often use it to help everybody understand even the most complicated products. While animated clips are a widespread choice for explainer videos, you can also film them, an ideal option for explaining and demonstrating tangible products and services.

A video that tells your brand’s story is a great way to introduce yourself and what you do to your target audience in just a few minutes. You can ask anybody involved with your business to appear in the video, including founders, employees, and even your customers, to talk about your brand and explain what you do and plan to do in the future. Many companies have unique starting stories to interest their target customers and help your brand become more relatable. For example, if you began a cake company after learning to bake with your grandma as a child, this could be a heartwarming company story idea that most people could resonate with. For this reason, a company story video is often the best way to encourage a stronger relationship with your customers and more brand loyalty.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Today, there are various ways for prospective customers to find company reviews and testimonials, but there’s always something much more powerful about the customer telling you in person. However, your most satisfied customers cannot go out and tell everybody why they think they should shop at your brand in person. A video can be your next best alternative. Customer testimonial videos are not only a great way to improve your word-of-mouth marketing efforts, but they also enable you to provide your loyal and satisfied customers to get involved with your brand while demonstrating to them just how much you value their custom.

Branding Videos

Brand videos are short and concise, combining editorial and advertising styles. They usually last no more than one minute and are highly targeted to your core audience. If you want to make this style of video for your brand, it’s important to avoid over-mentioning your company, products, or services and aim for a story format that will keep the viewer interested and wanting to learn more. They are the ideal video style to build brand awareness without being overly promotional or sales.

Video is one of the top forms of content for businesses today, and it’s clear why. Users prefer video over any other content type today because it is easy to digest and understand and can be watched from any device. The video allows you to create a stronger relationship with your customers and promote your products while telling a story.