Seo Tips – Seo Tips For 2010


As you know, search engine optimization is ever-changing. We are about to enter into 2010 within a month. Here are few tips for SEO consultants to kick start 2010.

1. Don’t stick to your strategies: Meta keywords, paid links, keyword stuffing is the practices that worked in the 90s and early 2000s. Search engine algorithms are changing, and if you stick to the outdated strategies, then one day, your site may no longer rank in the previous position and wipe out your business overnight.

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Just because your tactics worked 3 years ago, it doesn’t mean you can continue applying the same strategies in the future and get the same level of success.

See that you always test projects in parallel to your main projects. Implement the strategies that worked in your test projects to your main projects.

2. Be aware of competitors: We are into online business. We may wake up in the morning and find a new, powerful competitor. Just because that you are at #1 for your targeted keywords doesn’t mean your competitors are not working, and you will remain in the same position in the future too. No website is at its full position. There is always room for improvement in the form of traffic and conversions Cloud Light.

3. Learn from mistakes: SEO requires a lot of trial and error work. As you gain experience, you get a feel of what works and what doesn’t, and you will more likely make the right decision under a circumstance.

4. Try different Strategies: The main goal of an SEO campaign is to convert a lead. A successful campaign can be attained when integrated with other campaigns. Think about attracting visitors that are at an early stage of the buying cycle. Think about methods to get them to sign up for your newsletter and blog.

5. Pay attention to what’s going on in the search world: I think there is a good chance of Bing becoming a serious competitor in the future. So it is a good time to invest your SEO efforts toward Bing. Be updated with Google and other search engines’ algorithm changes by subscribing to blogs like SEOmoz and Search engine land.