7 Interesting Things to do While Travelling Alone


Traveling on a bus or train can become boring if you are supposed to travel for a long time, especially when alone. Moreover, if you are traveling alone for the first time, the journey can introduce mixed emotions. You will feel happy, excited, bored, and fearful as you don’t know anyone else on the bus or train.


But there are various ways in which you can add a fun element to your long journey. You can plan some ‘things to do’ before boarding the bus or train and make arrangements so that you don’t get bored or tired of the long journey. In this article, we have listed seven interesting things to do while traveling alone that will help you make your journey engaging and memorable.

Read your favorite ‘to-read’ book:


If you are an avid reader, you might be having a long list of ‘to-read’ books, and that’s what can save you from getting bored on a long journey. You can grab those books from your bookshelf and add them to your bag without fail. If you forget to bring them, you can read them from the online reading apps or find a PDF document.

If not books, you can try to get some travel magazines related to your favorite destination or find a newspaper. If you keep reading, you won’t even realize how much time has gone by, and there will be no such thing as boring in your journey.

Watch movies or series:


Watching movies or series is the best way to spend your time on a train or bus. You can binge-watch your favorite shows, get hit with nostalgia by watching some of your favorite old movies or try the newest releases to get rid of the boredom. You don’t have to worry about your device’s battery as most trains and buses provide charging slots. Another option is to carry a power bank if you don’t want to rely on charging slots on the bus or train. But make sure to carry the movies beforehand so that you don’t have to keep searching for them while you are bored.

Play games:


Playing games is always fun and entertaining as you divert your mind and focus on interesting activities. If you get bored on your journey, you can start playing online games such as puzzles, car games, fighting games, and many others. You can also try your hands on online casino games, which will help you think strategically to increase your winning chances. For instance, 918kiss is a popular game that you can play and add a fun element to your journey.

Some people are also fond of solving puzzles in the newspaper or solve a cube until they reach their destination. In case you have any traditional card games, you can create a group amongst strangers traveling with you and create memorable moments for everyone. Hence, you can try various such games and make your journey enjoyable instead of getting bored.

Listen to music:

Music is everyone’s companion because even if you are alone, you can get engaged in it and enjoy your favorite songs. Besides, the scenery of trees and mountains passing by creates a cinematic view which syncs with the musical background running in your head. When you listen to music, you feel connected, happy, relaxed, and present in the moment. All these things help you stay entertained without getting bored or tired during the journey.

Listen to podcasts:


Podcasts on different topics will make it easy for you to engage in an interesting or funny activity. You can listen to gossip on the latest topics, information, motivational speeches, or any other thing. You will be able to gather information about your interests, learn good things, or enjoy the comedy and gossips as per your choice. You can also listen to TED talks or download your favorite influencer’s podcast before catching the train or bus so that you can spend quality time without getting bored on the journey.

Start a conversation with a stranger:

One of the benefits of traveling alone is that you get to come out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons. You will be able to meet strangers from different parts of the world and learn about different cultures. Hence, instead of getting bored, offer a smile to your fellow travelers and start a casual conversation. You will be surprised at how some strangers can share their life stories and inspire you within a short time span.

More importantly, if you are lucky enough to find common interests on a certain topic with a stranger, then the conversation will continue for a long time. This conversation can also lead to a unique life-long friendship, which will also become a memorable moment for both of you. You can try to break the ice and make a comfortable environment to feel nervous or fearful of talking with you. Remember to always keep the conversation as casual as possible because, as strangers, if you try to dig into their personal space, it will make them feel uncomfortable, and you may lose the chance of talking with them.



Writing can make you feel lost in your thoughts as you try to portray them. You can take a writing journal or use the notes section of your smartphone to indulge in writing. While traveling, you will be inspired to write whatever comes to your mind, such as how you are feeling and what all things you are experiencing on your journey. You can also try to write poetry or letters to your loved ones because you won’t be distracted by any other stuff.


Traveling along for a long duration won’t be boring if you plan everything well. You can create a to-do list and add all the necessary items to help you pass your time on the bus or train, such as books, headphones, games, journals, etc. We hope that this article helps you make your journey enjoyable.