Blogger – Foundation for Success


This is one of the most popular past times, with thousands of people starting their blogging journey to earn money or write about their favorite hobbies.

If you learn how to use the available tools effectively, it’s a lot easier, and they will make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Please write a brief introduction or description of your blog and tell everyone what it’s about. Set up your profile and talk about YOU and who you are and

Not just what business opportunity you’re in. Upload your picture so people can see a physical presence on your blog, Don’t go overboard, especially if you are trying to present a professional image to your viewers.

Foundation for Success

Write a bit in the box and send the content to your Blogger page. Get an account at Google AdSense and add the AdSense code in

  • An HTML/JavaScript widget will create your income-generating Google AdSense ads.
  • Get an RSS reader. When you find the content you want to subscribe to, and there’s an orange RSS or XML button on the page, click it
  • and copy the rss feed URL from your address bar on the page with the
  • Funny looking code. You can either paste the URL into your rss reader, you can use your My Yahoo Home page, or do the same with MSN and
  • Google home pages.

Add new content to your blog, visit other people’s blogs, and comment on their articles, and when you do, it will add your blogger link to their blog. When people link back to you from their blogs, they comment.

On yours, you’ll start seeing even more traffic to your pages linked inside your blogs as well. This is a viral concept; you will be amazed at how fast your rankings increase.

Once the initial setup of your blogger blog has been completed, it’s just about having fun doing what you intended to do in the first place, either by writing your crazy adventures of welly throwing or building an affiliate blog and start earning some extra revenue from your chosen to affiliate programs. One of the most popular and free blogging sites is at from Google provides all the tools you need to make your blog a success.

Make you’re blogging a success.

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