Blogger shows why women need to stop focusing


She then mentioned what others see – and what she does.

The outcomes have been notion-frightening, with Parisian student Louise’s annotations highlighting just how merciless girls maybe to themselves.

She wrote: “I am guilty. I am right here always to be absolutely sincere because I feel social media want more of it.

“As a great deal as I preached self-love and made some progress accepting myself, there is something I in real warfare with pix.

“Whenever I see a photo of me, the primary matters which catches my eyes are my FLAWS. I constantly see what is wrong.

“I really do now not take a look at human beings’ flaws first once I take a look at an image of someone else. On the opposite, I generally tend to focus on their belongings.

Laura shared a photograph of her in a bikini from a different angleINSTAGRAM_MYBETTER_SELF
Laura shared a photo of her in a bikini with a distinctive attitude
“We really need to examine no longer to be so harsh on ourselves. It is not healthy. I am going to paintings on it, and I wish you’ll too.”

Louise cited that strangers might see her “big smile, long legs, and a strong butt,” but she saw a “big nose, lower back fats, and cellulite.”



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Speaking extra approximately the picture to Metro, she explained that there are various motives why people experience bad approximately themselves.

She said: “Self-criticism comes from several reasons.

“The society we’ve advanced in overemphasizes our physical appearances.

She additionally established the importance of having appropriate postureINSTAGRAM_MYBETTER_SELF
She also validated the significance of having exact posture
“They have an impact on of role models, using image modifying; it puts an exquisite pressure on our shoulders and nourishes the sensation of not being worthy enough.”

Louise, who blogs about fitness and healthful ingesting, has additionally established the difference between properly and awful digicam angles.

Louise is happy with her ‘study now not skinny’ figureINSTAGRAM_MYBETTER_SELF

Louise is happy with her ‘strong now not thin’ parent.

One twinned-up publish suggests the big distinction top posture can make.

This yr has visible a surge in popularity in ‘Dad bloggers’ who supply a male attitude on parenting.

And this sincere blogger has lifted the lid on how she concealed her “unsexy mum tum” and granny pants for her “perfect selfie.”

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