It’s a Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi, Mahdi World!


It’s now not very frequently that I Fanz Live wax political. I’m wrong approximately such many other human lifestyles components; why disclose myself to extra ridicule and greater non-public attacks from my fellow Christian Americans? But something’s been stuck in my craw for some time now, and I must get this off my chest.

Perhaps you’ve heard the word “The Twelfth Imam” stated using T.V.’s speak me heads currently. Well, I even have! In October 2005, Iran’s President Mahmoud “Mammy” Ahmadinejad made the connection with this man – The Twelfth Imam – when he addressed the United Nations. As he changed into wrapping up his speech, he requested Allah to bring in “the Twelfth Imam quickly.”

As one, the all-knowing pundits and Global’s highbrow elite, mouths agape with wonder, replied, “Huh?”
Sometimes known as the “Hidden Imam” or “The Mahdi,” Mammy’s prayer induced many individuals who don’t forget themselves in the recognize to admit that they have been clueless and sent them scrambling to Google.Com, simply as I did myself. Afterward, Mammy claimed that he became surrounded using some halo of mild as he spoke and that the arena’s leaders were mesmerized by the aid of his speech.



Like Mammy, many Shia Muslims consider that this “Mahdi” character – which means “the guided one,” used in reference in particular to one guided using God – fulfills a form of messianic role in Sunni Islam. However, Sunnis used it to consult diverse reformers who have arisen periodically in history to revive Islam while it has grown susceptible. The idea is more popular among a few of the Shi’ites who accept as true that Mahdi as the remaining in a line of saints descended from Ali, the Shia sect’s founding father. They say he disappeared down a properly in Iran, in A.D. 941. Yes, nice. Well…They say he went into a country of “occultation,” just like the solar disappearing in the back of the clouds. One first-rate day, after a horrible length of apocalyptic wars upon the earth, they consider these clouds will component and the Mahdi may seem on the scene. They believe that, while he’s launched from his imprisonment inside the nice, the complete international will finally convert to Islam. That is, in any case, the goal of Islam in a nutshell; conversion or death. Face it; many see this as the goal of Christianity as well. Let’s no longer throw stones for, over the centuries; we’ve been plenty guilty of advancing our perceived Christian cause thru bloodshed, too. The TRUTH is the intention of Christianity, NOT to attain conversions. According to Jesus Christ, His “aim” – His Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) – becomes that we make DISCIPLES, coaching them His Doctrine. HUGE distinction. But I digress…

We chuckle at unfamiliar nonsecular notions like Mammy but buddies, men like him, are highly motivated to look at their nonsecular beliefs fulfilled. Where they are involved, Islam is “to die for!” Not the handiest, does he believe it? However, the tens of hundreds of mullahs – instructors of Islam – for the duration of the Middle East and some other place accept as true with it, too, and they may be preaching it and coaching it with remarkable zeal. These people are on an undertaking from God, preventing a Holy War. They’re educating their kids to hate the Jews and the Christians, and global domination is their closing intention. They are taught to consider that, once they die in this jihad, they become martyrs and ascend to Paradise, in which 72 beautiful virgins anticipate them. They BELIEVE this as fervently as any Christian believes in the resurrection of Christ. They will NEVER give up. For each one we kill – especially those we recollect collateral harm – two extra will upward push up in their locations. At the beginning of this struggle, I said that, even though we did capture Sadaam Insane and Osama Been Hidin’ eating at the same desk and served them each a live grenade sandwich, there are tens of millions of like-minded lovers coated up right at the back of them, equipped to jump in line for the sake of the cause as well as the power and status that goes with it.

I’m as patriotic an American as they arrive; however, we can dispel any notions that there’ll ever come a glorious moment of Al-Qaida giving up on the deck of the USS Missouri.

There could be no Appomattox Courthouse.

No Yorktown.

No ticker-tape parades as Johnny come marchin’ home as soon as and for all.

Shall we cut our losses and produce our foot soldiers home? Not in your lifestyle! These people will follow them domestic, like the snarling, growling, frothing German Shepherd that observed me domestic in the eighth grade! They accept as true that they may be on a mission from God.

Repeat: they trust they are on an assignment from God.


Jeremiah 15:7 proclaims, “Babylon has been a golden cup in the hand of the LORD, intoxicating all the earth. The nations have drunk her wine; Therefore, the countries are going mad…” Imagine a depraved, evil area called “a golden cup” inside the hand of the Lord. God turned into using Babylon just as He uses satan, just as He’s today’s use of Islam. You see, I trust that Islam is a thorn inside the facet of the Church. God’s looking to stir the Church to recognize that something else is attempting to UNITE the sector, NOT Christianity. We are too divided by using ideologies, doctrines, and dogmas. It’s proving to the world that notices our division, our declining numbers, our publicized immorality – the world’s seeking out answers – and they’ve determined that our religion is NOT the answer.

Mahdi World

Islam is here to wake us up! The bloodiest wars ever fought had been fought by Christians and Muslims. Today, Christian international locations are destroying different international locations believing that we will help them by bringing them democracy, which they do not even desire. We act like democracy is the Divine Government of God. Democracy is NOT what they want. The humans need their King, Jesus. That is what we know that King needs to be bringing them.

A CNN World News Story article headline, April 14, 1997, read: “Fast-growing Islam winning converts in a Western international.” The frame study, in element: “…The second-largest faith in the international after Christianity, Islam is also the quickest-developing faith. In the United States, for example, nearly eighty percent of the greater than 1,200 mosques had been constructed within the past 12 years…”

Other brilliant comments regarding the rise of Islam consist of the following:

“Islam is the quickest-developing religion in America, a guide, and pillar of balance for many of our humans…”
– Hillary Clinton, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996, p.3

Already greater than one thousand million humans strong, Islam is the world’s fastest-developing religion. – ABC NEWS,

“Islam is the quickest-growing faith inside the USA.” NEWSDAY, March 7, 1989, p.Four

“Islam is the quickest-developing religion inside the United States…” NEW YORK TIMES, February 21, 1989, p.1

“Moslems are the sector’s quickest-growing organization…” – USA TODAY, The Population Reference Bureau, February 17,
1989, p.4A

“Muhummed is the most a success of all Prophets and on secular personalities.” – Encyclopedia Britannica.

“There are extra Muslims in North America than Jews Now.” – Dan Rather, CBS NEWS.


Whatever the Western Church is presently doing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is not running. I say scrap the popular hunker-down-in-the-edifice mentality, toss something but the teachings of Christ, and modify our sails to capture the wind of the Holy Spirit. We can learn from the example of our persecuted brethren in the underground Church in developing nations, the ONLY vicinity on earth where our faith is prospering. Is it a good way to motivate the Imperialistic Western Church to search for a relationship with God and abandon the powerless shape of self-righteous godliness that we currently possess?

Ial mahdi

Recently, I started brooding about a verse from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 20, verse 4. The Amplified Bible reads: “Then I noticed thrones, and sitting on them were those to whom authority to behave as judges and to skip sentence become entrusted. Also, I saw the souls of folks who were slain with axes [beheaded] for their witness to Jesus and [for preaching and testifying] for the Word of God, and who had refused to pay homage to the beast or his statue and had not standard his mark or accredited it to be stamped on their foreheads or their hands…”

I recollect the first time I examine this verse, about age 19. I remember thinking, “Beheadings??! Who does THAT anymore? Surely there are a few greater powerful and green strategies for mass murdering one’s enemies…Observe Auschwitz!”

As I push age 50, I’ve already heard far too many scary information reports approximately beheadings – more than I ever imagined viable – all on the arms of Islamic extremists. Is THIS what the Church keeps for her because we did not hold forth Christ some of these centuries at the same time as we had the risk? As we technique, Christmas 2006, even the City of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, has a Muslim majority, while fifty years in the past, Bethlehem became overwhelmingly Christian.

One day, something will grind “Christian” America’s billion wheels to a halt. Pride comes before destruction in the end.



So, what have America and its allies done? Sadly, our armies should stay there for starters, or the fight WILL come to our pampered shorelines.

At the quiet of World War 2, General Douglas MacArthur said we should send a battleship full of missionaries to Japan. He was right. We did not heed his advice, and Japan remains a sincerely Christ-much less Kingdom nowadays. Jesus became the answer, and we failed. The relatively few ministers who are there are aging swiftly with shrinking congregations.

With that in mind, nearly ten years ago, an expensive friend of mine, a girl with many Muslim buddies who talk to her as “sister,” proficient in ministry to youngsters who, as soon as she had a Christian television display in Canada, advised to me that America must recognize a primary effort on evangelizing the children of the Muslim world. “What infant can withstand cookies and candy, puppet suggests, and coloring books,” she insisted. “Kids realize when they’re being loved.”

I believed then she turned into a right. When I noticed on tv a beautiful five-12 months-antique Iraqi boy with large brown eyes, intrusive into the camera and, with clenched enamel, spewing hatred and damnation upon Jews and Americans, I KNEW she had become proper.

Armed with the capability to supply nuclear guns, Iran will quickly possess the potential to perform her threats toward us. With his finger on the button, Mammy will be in the role to release his rockets, pushed as plenty by using hatred as his preference to usher inside the go-back of the Mahdi. Of course, this Hidden Imam will remain hidden, for he isn’t always coming; he is a figment of Islamic imagination. Though he may not be making his lengthy-awaited look, American and Israeli forces WOULD retaliate without delay.

Talk about unleashing Hell.

We cannot depart Iraq. Neither can we defeat this enemy with “horses and chariots” (Ps 20:7). Sorry, however, to all folks who insist upon speaking to those madmen, we can not motivate with Iraq nor their neighbor, President Mammy of Iran.

But the Church CAN pray, and we will evangelize the youngsters like no day after today.


At this price, frankly, there may not be.


Thanks to my brother in Christ, Ed Dupas of Canada, who writes, after studying my tough draft on this newsletter: “…I concept the name “Mahdi” had an acquainted ring but wasn’t certain until I did a bit of net surfing. There became a 1966 film called “Khartoum,” which starred Charleton Heston (a British General) and Sir Lawrence Oliver (as the Mahdi). I failed to make the connection because of the pronunciation of ‘Mahdi’ that I had been listening to lately. Olivier mentioned it like “Maw-ch-tee” (as though one became amassing a gob of spit in his throat on the first syllable). It becomes an effective film via the sheer display presence of both Olivier and Heston.”

Thanks, Ed! I observed the movie and one critic wrote, “In the light of latest world events, this classic confrontation among Western Imperialism and Eastern Islamic fundamentalism makes “Khartoum” extra topical than ever.”

Some of what the critic wrote covered: “Heston essays considered one of his pleasant roles as Charles “Chinese” Gordon, the patriot who thrives on task… Gordon will become a countrywide hero for his exploits in China and his unwell-fated defense of Khartoum…Gordon is a Christian with the Bible continuously beneath his arm… A national hero who abolished slavery in China… A sincere man revered by the British, as well as via the foreigners… A martyr-warrior, whoever clearly loves Sudan and can not, underneath ‘his’ God, depart it to the misery and the sickness of which he as soon as cured it…A solitary non-conformist who craved and despised public adulation, a religious Christian who by no means allied himself to any church, a reluctant empire builder more often sympathetic to the ones he had to oppose…

“Lawrence Olivier is tremendous because of the passionate Arab chief, Muhammed Ahmed Al Mahdi, the Expected-One… His softly sparkling black eyes by no means blink… His measured voice spreads holy terrors: “I was advised using Lord Mohammed, Peace be upon Him, to worship in the Khartoum mosque. Therefore I must take Khartoum by using the sword.”

MahdiTwo thumbs up!

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