Is My Woman Body Pious – Divine Elements?


I hope yes. Let us deliberate on each of my woman’s stages, not made of flesh and bones but five supernatural elements gyrating cosmic source of energy called the soul inside all women’s bodies, including men. These elements are prime fascia, the real basis of the body constitution. The deficiency of one affects the other, thus causing severe body ailments.

Sometimes doctors prescribe iron or calcium and what not to maintain our body’s working equilibrium but has anyone ever realized that despite some doctors attending to a patient, they feel helpless, thus calling the day of a quote “no medicine helps recover patient, pray God might help” unquote. Yes, it is God who listens to your calls; and responds with urgency. You will agree with my statement that till you rely more on the doctor and self, God remains elusive, and the moment you leave everything on him, he arrives to restore your dwindling faith.

Divine Elements

God is never away from you, but you, as a human under the aura of “I (Aai) and I am or He and Him,” have not only forgotten him but relegated him to the darkest corner of your heart. Until “I am” is in my body, God is absent, and when God is in my body, I am missing. My woman has to choose one; either “I or Him.” I have studied that every human being is thrilled with “I” and left the supreme God only to respond when in dire need.

He responds quickly, but to those who have also devoted some time to him. Anyhow, he is like an omnipresent, omnipotent, and compassionate father who cares like all his children without ever even thinking about the response of children towards him. But he is also totally committed to following the rules of his universal games. He does not have compassion, love, and leverage for those who violate his natural laws.

It is this connotation under which I consider my woman’s body pious, adorable, and reversible. Do you agree? Indeed, from the deep corner of your heart as a woman, not when blind under the influence of mad lustful sexual pleasures drive. When my Master (The God) observed that his creation in the Western World was not abiding by his natural laws of respect to my woman’s body, he introduced the most dreaded, incurable, and frightening disease called by United States of America researchers as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, generally acknowledged as AIDS in the world. Was AIDS known to the world before, or is it the hoax of some medical companies to market their products? Without getting embroiled in the controversy of the origin of AIDS itself, I would move further to debate how my Master (God/goddess) lives side by side with my woman when she is a child.

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Readers are requested to travel back over 480 million years before the first written Hindu epic was believed to have been introduced by Lord Brahma and his creation, classifying over 8.4 million species created in the universe. While creating species to gyrate the universe, he made a natural arrangement of checks and balances himself, thus ensuring that one life cycle of species sustains other species’ lives. At last, he created the most beautiful creation resembling him and called man. As he was alone and did not want his product to be sole, he started my most beautiful design, Women. As a woman was perceived to be giving birth, he made the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and the Goddess of power Durga, Goddess of Education, Saraswati, and Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, her companions. He empowered my woman to bless the universe with prosperity with the Law of Nature (LON). As and when the LON, which binds my woman with the universally acclaimed Institution of Marriage and Family (IMF), has been violated, My Master has destroyed such creations in the universe repeatedly.

Most religions worship a girl child in one or the other format home before her teenage years, but Indian Hindu culture goes quite far ahead. It celebrates girls’ worship through a Navratri festival (Nine Nights Worship) for Goddess Durga. Most religious epics say that a girl child’s puberty is the reincarnation of the Goddess of Power, Durga. Do my readers believe? Of course not, but I do. I urge my readers to experience these revelations by sitting with any spiritual leader to carry out the soul’s self-realization and share the truth, which I disclosed for the benefit of the universe. Do remember, you can not see God with mortal eyes. If you want to see God, you must create internal looks.

The next stage of priority resemblance to the Goddess is when my woman is near her marriage. In some Indian tribal cultures, most people are a woman with a weapon or some iron ring or knife between 24 to 72 hours before their marriage function. I had experienced a spirit trying to influence my woman’s pious body before her marriage. Still, due to the purity of her body and soul coupled with the evil spell and charm distraction-related hymen, she was protected. Sometimes, my woman is armed with a metallic bangle or small dagger. She is susceptible to evil forces attacks and various evil doers’ magic spells. While interacting with one of the Santhal tribe religious priests before a girl’s marriage, I realized that they sacrifice a cock, especially with a large red ear ahead in front of their village deity, to protect the bride from the evil spirit. One Hindu epic says that during these three days before marriage and until my woman enters her husband’s house, she is protected by the three most powerful deities or supernatural powers of my Master. My dear readers, if you wish to experience these deities, please endeavor to carry out a self-realization experience. I can help you move with us towards self-realization and experience the hologrammatic universe’s unreal reality. How these powers protect her is an unimaginable experience. Though most Western people would discard these revelations as unfounded truth, my Master Says quote, “Man, you walk one step toward me; I would take ten leaps to receive you,” unquote.


Do you believe this? I hope not, but let me disclose how all powers are purifying my woman of a creator. The first Goddess, who arrives with her most powerful entourage, is Goddess Venus possessing magical spells of beauty, love, infatuation, and passion. The goddess of Venus not only protects but personally cares for my woman during rituals and protects her body again evil charmers. Another adorable spirit of Moon and Jupiter accompanies her. Out of four Vids of Hindus, the Atharva Vaid described every creation of the creator as Delta or God/Goddess, and so am I. I hope I have made it amply clear that God is omnipresent and omnipotent, and if it is so, readers have to believe that whatsoever I am disclosing is true to the last letter of this gospel. Never thought even once that such pre-marriage rituals of preparing my woman for marriage responsibilities were just rituals. Still, God very well discloses these rituals through his messengers, saints, and other spiritual priests. The Yagya, performed at home, invites various deities to bless the bride.

The other cosmic powers, or Farishtay as per Islam, or Angels described in the Holy Bible, which bless my woman are the Goddess of Power (Durga) and Goddess of wealth (Lakshmi). While Durga is believed to be Supreme Being’s reincarnation to destroy evil, Lakshmi is ready to bless my woman’s prosperity and wealth if she lives within the LON. Per Hindu rituals, my woman is advised to keep fast and offer prayers to Lord Shiva, who controls death’s cosmic powers. The various hymen and Yagyas performed to purify my woman’s body before preparing herself to share life with another man. Suppose one develops enough self-realization of soul experiences. In that case, he can feel the presence of these deities at the time of Yagyas when the offering is poured inside the Yagya oven. The Goddesses Durga and Lakshmi together make my woman believe that her new life will be within the LON, and she will fulfill the role of mother sooner or later. The real question to answer is howoman can feel the presence of such superpowers is tit true, or is it just some tale of my mind?

Without going into further debate, if you want to experience such powers during this time, please follow the following steps; if God willing, you, with your pious attempt, would find them with you. After finishing your morning ablutions and bathing between 3.45 AM to 4.15 AM, take a yellow cloth sheet, fold it in four-folds, and spread it over the ground so that an edge of each sheet faces North and South. Leave your hair uncombed; after the bath, apply vermilion on the forehead and set with a round lap facing preferably North or any direction, with left leg foot to the right and right hand over left, making a cup of the palm facing down toward the center of your body. Straighten your spinal Cord without stress. Close your eyes gently and recite “Pam Lakshmiaya Namah” continuously while looking through the dark tunnel opening in the middle of your forehead. It will drive you inside an unending black hole with terrible velocity. At the other end of the black hole, you will see a bright light and an angel who will guide you to Goddes’s throne. While journeying through the black hole, you might also experience the music of the flute and the sound of the trumpet originating from miles away. Do not get distracted but continue to recite what is said. One can also share the Goddess provided he renounces the five vices and rises above the bodily pleasures. You can also find her sitting beside you during a marriage as well. I say it was true, is true, and would also be true. Whosoever recites with soul and heart, he joins my Master and the Goddesses.


After marriage, another phase of my woman’s life comes when she is blessed with the presence of another power of my Master himself. He arrives at midnight after the exactly ninetieth day of conception of my woman. After blessing the fetus of my woman inside the womb, he enters her cosmic Ash called a soul in the fetus made of bone and flesh. He rests his Ash in the middle of the forehead through the transfusion of cosmic particle activities. If my woman lives a pious and simple life, she can experience such changes inside the body. The angels, who accompany my Master, make so many preparations before infusing the soul inside the fetus that my woman can feel herself if she is leading a pious life. Nevertheless, some of my women had confirmed that they had dreamt something at about midnight and felt drastic changes inside a womb.

Now the Allah, God, Eeshwar, Bhagwan, or Wahe Guru, whatsoever name you to give, has infused his An inside my woman’s womb to remain present forever till the birth. I have been experiencing that some of the women had suspicions about the child and his future. Hereafter, my Master is sole with my woman to protect his Ansh. Irrespective of my woman’s food, sexual and living habits, my Master does not leave his Ansh. Lord Krishna Says quotes “Oh! Woman, you are my creator; therefore, do not dishonor me with evil deeds” unquote. He further says that a child’s nature and habits would be similar to the food habit of my woman during Ash’s conception.

The most important time of my woman’s life is now when she will enjoy the fruit of righteous motherhood. Today’s woman perceives that conceiving a child is a biological process while fulfilling lust and sexual urges. I agree with such women, but their wards would also treat them alike when they grow. My Master has not made my woman’s body pious to dishonor. For this reason, I say my woman’s body is holy because my Master himself lives inside her womb for over six months before arriving in the world. The woman’s body becomes more pious due to the presence of two Ansh (souls) of my Master.

Though I have discussed various debatable issues, including women themselves, I would not agree with me, but I am sure if they feel as such, they will experience every word true and true. I am not debating my woman’s body as a conservative but want to bring out the true purpose of my woman’s birth. The presence of six prime spiritual cosmic elements of my Master makes my woman further pious during all these years. If my woman considers her body so revered, I hope there is no scope for lust, greed, and sex outside LON. I also do not find any reason for my woman to parade her pious body naked to earn wealth when the Goddess of wealth lives side by side with her.

How difficult is it for an educated scientist to believe what I said, but there is some truth in what you read? My Master has not made my woman’s body give birth to bastards but to bring the Nash of God within LON’s ambit. LON applies to all the species in the universe, but it is binding on humans due to advanced and developed minds. Once again, I appeal to my woman to experience these powers before you advertise, market, and parade your body. All those women who marketed their bodies had a very trying, sad, and terrible end. My Master would not say how you use your body, but he would penalize you with horrific punitive actions for every sin you commit. Some women have experienced it immediately, and some later.

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