Instead of buying a new smartphone, get a refurbished one from a

specialist. Many people have started doing this to be more
environmentally conscious. Buying a refurbished phone means minor
damage to the environment and less damage to your wallet! Will
you be participating in this trend?

What is a refurbished phone exactly?

A refurbished phone is a phone that has been given a second life.
Refurbishing means that the phone has been checked, repaired, and
cleaned. The difference between refurbished and secondhand is that a
secondhand phone is often sold privately, so you can’t know what
happened to the phone. Usually, you only find out after a while that the used
phone turns out to have defects. Refurbished is an intelligent alternative to new; it is a sustainable option for getting a new phone. Technically, a refurbished
phone is as good as a new one.

Refurbished phones are becoming increasingly popular. Why have refurbished devices increased in popularity in recent years?

This is because
the prices of new smartphones are increasing. Not everyone can buy
a new smartphone that costs more than €1.000. In addition, checks are done to see if the refurbished device works properly.

Therefore, it is a lot safer to buy a refurbished device than to buy a

used phone. With a refurbished phone, you always receive a two-year
warranty. If there is something wrong with a refurbished phone you
purchased during the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge, and in
some cases, you can choose a new one.

How is a refurbished phone made?

A refurbished phone is always adequately checked and repaired before it gets
sold. A good provider of refurbished phones will always explain this on the
website. Nowadays, refurbished phones are often limited by robots. This
happens because the human eye cannot see all the shortcomings, and
there can also be technical errors that robots discover faster.

refurbishedHow much does it compare to a new device?

The price of a refurbished device is often somewhere between a user and
a new appliance. A refurbished phone can often be up to 50% cheaper than a
new phone. However, the price has much to do with how long ago a particular
model was launched. For instance, the first month after the launch of an
iPhone, the refurbished iPhones are hardly cheaper. So, it makes sense to

buy a refurbished phone sometime after the launch of a new phone. The
longer it has been since the launch, the cheaper the refurbished
phone will be. This applies to all brands.

What are the most popular refurbished phones?

In 2019, over 500,000 refurbished devices were sold, including 369.000
iPhones. 1 in 2 Dutch people is considering a refurbished smartphone. At
the moment, consumers like iPhones well. The iPhone 8 and
iPhone X is the most popular refurbished device. Apple’s products are
not affordable for everyone but are in demand. The broad interest in the smartphone evidences this.

What should you look for when buying a refurbished smartphone?

On the 15th of March 2019, the Keurmerk Refurbished was established in
the Netherlands by Techniek Nederland in collaboration with refurbished
providers Leap, Renewed, and Forza Refurbished. When buying a
refurbished phone, you should consider whether you benefit from the
purchase. Some providers of refurbished smartphones base the selling
price on the original recommended price of a new one.
It is wise to research the provider of the refurbished devices. Check for a KvK number (Chamber of Commerce number), phone number,r, and email address. But also check for a quality mark to know that the store is actual.
The condition of the unit is also essential. Often, the state of the
appliance is indicated. If this is not the case, it is best to ask. Not all
refurbished products come with a two-year warranty. Always check the terms and conditions. The major suppliers of refurbished devices always
offer a standard two-year warranty.

Get your phone repaired, or buy a refurbished one?

Why buy a new smartphone when you can repair your current one quickly and cheaply? Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to
consumers. Buying a refurbished phone is always better for the environment than purchasing a new one.
Nowadays, there are plenty of options to get your phone repaired cheaply.
The Fixable repairs your phone within 30 minutes. At The Fixables, we
try to promote sustainability because we prolong the life of your

The sustainable choice

A new smartphone requires a lot of raw materials. Producing a new
smartphone consumes more energy than using a smartphone. The
production of smartphones creates CO2 emissions, which significantly impact our climate. Cell phones contain all kinds of rare metals. These
rare metals often come from war zones.
The working conditions in which people work are often harsh. For instance,
people are digging for cobalt for smartphones in terrible conditions. The
production of new smartphones harms the environment, as it
releases many greenhouse gases, and the waste is dangerous.
Sustainability plays a more and more critical role for consumers and
businesses. The refurbished market is growing a lot. All refurbished
devices are thoroughly checked and are of increasingly better quality. You
would be wise to choose a refurbished device instead of a new one. Not
only are you helping yourself, but you are also doing something good for
the environment.