Time Management Techniques – Slendrina: The Cellar Apk


Slendrina: The Cellar Apk is a first-person point and clicks game about a girl whose father has passed away and who must cope with life after his death. As you play the game, you’ll find out that many things are controllable by the mouse. One example is the color of your doll. If you click on the correct color for your beauty, she will become pretty and cute – and you’ll unlock new clothes for her!

To play Slendrina: The Cellar Apk, you must download the “main” game file from Facebook to your PC. This should be available on the right side of your PC. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can start playing immediately by going to the main menu and selecting “Start.” Alternatively, if you have internet connectivity problems, you can play the game by connecting to a suitable Wi-Fi spot in your home.

You will soon realize that Slendrina: The Cellar Apk differs greatly from the other escape games. You run and hide until the time expires. This time, you are a part of the action. If you are too slow or fast in moving, time will pass before you can complete your objective. Driving too slowly or quickly will also cause the other characters to bump into you, resulting in everyone’s undesirable experience. You can try to go around slowly and steadily, but you might bump into someone unexpectedly. If this happens, you will lose a life.

Starting the game in the middle is a good idea, as this will slow things down and prevent you from bumping into anyone unexpectedly. As mentioned above, many objects in this game change depending on their state. For example, the little boy will fall if he trips on a sticky object. So, you have to be careful and move cautiously around them. Also, there are some dangerous things in the room you play in, so make sure that you have some high-tech gadgets like a helicopter and a stormtrooper to help you out if there is anything dangerous in your way.

The game controls are simple, with the mouse as the arrow key and the Z trigger as the square button. Using the WASD method as your cursor, moving with the keyboard keys is just as easy. The girls in the game all move at the same speed and react to the same stimuli, so you should observe them and identify their weaknesses. Knowing these beforehand, you can plan your strategy accordingly.

Also, you can use many other time management techniques to play Slendrina: The Cellar Apk. For example, you can make use of the time management technique known as the doubly-twice technique, which teaches you to do two things simultaneously to accomplish a certain objective. For instance, if you are attempting to save your little sister, you can position yourself behind the bushes outside the house and wait for someone to approach. When someone does walk by, you can quickly hide behind the bushes. Thus, instead of saving the little girl in danger, you can ensure her safety by placing a barrier around her.