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An idiot at 40 Genius Zone, they are saying, is a fool all the time. I have been on planet Earth for two score-plus years. Greater than a 3rd of these, I have spent full manipulation of my senses and thinking faculties. I lay no claims to understanding. However, I reckon I am neither a fool nor a fool.

Lifestyles is a most serious stumble, and I have misplaced not a part of my slot to frivolities and trivia. The only real funding I boast is that I have given my all to evaluating the world I came across through unique windfall. The only

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I am conscious of the duty to tell the world my opinion of it, which is why I write this piece even though I’m not certified to publicize my views. Peace unto as many as taking no offense at me.


I have listened eagerly to the silent but convincing arguments of nature. I have heard the ravings and ranting of humanity. I’m aware of the confusion and deception of faith and the fictitious assumptions of technological know-how. I know of human governance’s folly and the resulting combined impact of all of these on human society, especially in the past century. I’ve exceeded my observations through my idea processing machine and have a printout of my opinion of the sector’s international view, as they say.

The sector has approximately had it, and it’s about time it ended. All people who are aware of whatever in any respect know that. There is silent information and settlement among such like ones that the sector is not only about to quit but must give up. If God delays to cease it, people will, or the world will decide to give up itself. That direction might be horrible! So, the world had better quit because it must buy way of the hand of the only one who created it

arena starts

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How the world ends has been speculated about seeing Christ’s look on the earthly scene some thousand years ago. However, the end of the arena is not a subject for speculation; the scriptures are explicit on what humanity wishes to know. Christ, however, had foretold that our time of giving up could be characterized not most effective by speculations but by impostors, and the scriptures are certain to be fulfilled. Understandably, speculations on the arena’s end and impostors are rife internationally.

Before we get carried away using speculative winds, allow this one truth not to get away from us: God finds any satisfaction in destroying people. He consequently does now not stealthily visit destruction upon them. Every collapse or the destruction of humans by God in the past was preceded by proclamations of clear warning messages of God’s forthcoming judgment, and our time isn’t always an exception, for God indeed does not trade.


Within the lawn of Eden, God warned Adam and Eve, humanity’s forebears, of the inescapable effect of eating the forbidden fruit. They would die. God’s assertion became unambiguous. Yet the couple left out the caution, ate the fruit, and invited death upon themselves and generations of their would-be progeny.

Later, God could ruin Noah’s technology in a deluge. But earlier than he did, he warned them properly earlier. He had asked Noah, a righteous guy, to build an Ark for his family’s renovation and different kinds of existence. Noah was additionally saddled with the responsibility of warning his era of the upcoming flood. This Noah did even though the park’s development must have served enough warning. It became a big tower.
Given that it had now not rained on the planet earlier than then, it was certainly an outstanding undertaking. It took Noah about fifty years to finish its production when people were not given such difficult production. Noah’s era but scoffed at all of these despite the reality that divine assistance became obvious in executing this assignment via Noah. Noah’s uprightness, commitment, and dedication to his assigned mission and the truth that God assisted Noah in bringing into the ark the animals that have been distinct for renovation and protection reduce no ice on that evil era. Their destruction changed as a consequence, deserved and justified.


When God condemned Sodom and Gomorrah’s towns to destruction, he knew they did not deserve 2d hazard. But he patiently allowed Abraham to interact with him in intercession for the cities. God became inclined to forego his intentions if as few as ten people were determined to deserve life in the one’s towns. On the other hand, God no longer best stores Lot, the righteous one; he rescues him. While his time to destroy the cities had become due, and Lot was lingering inside the towns, God dispatched angels who came and hustled Lot out of the cities.

The town of Nineveh changed into another metropolis to incite God’s ire to the factor of looking to devote it to destruction. Even though Nineveh was steeped in bloodshed and other disgusting practices, God saw through them and knew that a reprimand had to precede their destruction. He despatched Jonah to them; however, in the eyes of the prophet, the human beings of Nineveh were unworthy of such attention. In his bid to abandon them to God’s adverse judgment, he fled from his prophetic undertaking and attempted to get away on board a ship bound for Tarshish. God created mishaps to thwart Jonah’s escape. He ended up in the belly of a big fish for three days and nights until he had a rethink. The fish would later vomit Jonah to the shore, from whence he returned to his task. After that, he preached at Nineveh, and the humans repented in sackcloth and ashes from the king to the domestic animal. God spared them, and while his prophet became disgruntled, he used the occasion to teach him classes in mercy.

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while God followed the country of Israel, he warned them of his tolerance of no competition. He gave them a testament to the effect of law mediated through Moses, wherein he spelled out the consequences of disobedience and the advantage of retaining his ordinances. The Jews consented to the phrases unanimously; however, they started to interrupt God’s law even earlier than the ink with which it became inscribed at the drugs had dried. Over the years, they would carry on in this way. Again and again, God despatched them prophets to remind them of their sworn covenant with him; however, they treated God’s prophets insolently and killed a few. In his displeasure, God let them intermittently triumph over by using their adversaries, a component God forewarned could renege. The Jews proved to be stubborn human beings. Eventually, God rejected them as his country and let them suffer destruction that obliterated them as his people.

Before their very last destruction, the Jews were warned using two of God’s most renowned prophets- John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, the Messiah. John went ahead of Jesus to put together the hearts of the Jews to obtain the Messiah when he arrived. However, although the Jews knew John to be a prophet, they paid him little attention. Eventually, Jesus regarded and, in his words, wanted to accumulate Jerusalem’s kids collectively for God; similarly, a chook gathers her chicks together under her wings. But once more, the Jews paid him little heed. Sooner or later, he deserted them to the outcomes of a route they selected for themselves.


In a composite prophecy, Jesus informed them of an ordeal that would overtake and sack them as a state. Jesus’ phrases might have a two-fold implication and a two-fold achievement. Within the first example, it affects the Jews who rejected Jesus Christ, the God-sent Messiah. In the 2d model, Jesus’ pronouncement could impact humanity’s sector that he gave his treasured blood in dying to keep but which could reject Jesus’ representatives in the same way the Jews rejected and killed Jesus.

The primary fulfillment occurred in 70 CE when the Roman military sacked Jerusalem in a bloodbath, just like the Jews had now not regarded earlier than then nor could ever know once more. When might the second fulfillment occur?

Jesus gave no dates concerning the destruction of the Jewish machine of factors and would supply none regarding this world’s cease. There were time and season indicators in his description of traits leading up to those never-to-arise-once-more activities. Trustworthy adherents to Jesus’ words studied the signs and symptoms before Jerusalem’s destruction, heeded them, and got away safe. Further devoted bible readers in our day may additionally come out of the first-rate tribulation foretold for our time if they watched for the signs and heeded the warnings and route of Jesus Christ for our day.

As said at the outset of this write-up, God might now not ruin a human, not to mention an era, without good enough caution. The scriptures are replete with warnings for our generation, especially inside the prophecies uttered by Jesus Christ. Jesus foretold for our day wars, famines, pestilences, duplicity, lovelessness, etc., and the area has visible so much of those in particular in the final century. Even as the achievement of Jesus Christ’s phrases in those regions on such a grand scale indicates the nearness of the arena to its foretold cease, these capabilities in Jesus’ prophecy sound no clear warning. Maximum persons without know-how have needed to curse God as a consequence of these occurrences even though God isn’t causative of these items but foretells the outcomes of human moves, conduct, and attitudes in his foreknowledge. However, prophecies foretell the result of human behavior and what God functions to accomplish at a given time, far in advance of human expertise and understanding.

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In Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:14, we see a prophecy that reiterates God’s unchanging desire to warn humanity on the outcomes of their movement and behavior on the way to keeping them alive in the face of imminent destruction. It reads: “And this exact information of the dominion may be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the international locations; after which the cease will come.”

In fulfillment of that scripture, God’s country’s coolest information has been preached single-handedly by Jehovah’s Witnesses for a century. The quantity to which that scripture can be fulfilled is yet to be seen in the view of what those prophets of God have been inspired to put in writing regarding our time:

Micah mentioned this in Bankruptcy Four and verse one of the prophecy, bearing his call: “And it has to arise within the very last part of the days that the mountain of the house of Jehovah will become firmly set up above the top of the mountains, and it will truly be lifted above the hills, and to it, peoples ought to stream… ”

In the same vein, the prophet Haggai had this to mention in bankruptcy versus seven of the prophecy that bears his call: “And I can rock all of the nations, and the applicable matters of all the international locations should be available, and I’m able to fill this residence with glory, Jehovah of armies has stated.”

These and extra prophecies inside the bible factor to at least one aspect: humans will increase Jehovah’s worship above each human organization in the direction of the quiet of the sector in a whole lot the equal manner Moses towered over pharaoh in Egypt. Human beings are Jehovah’s Witnesses, the last day’s representatives of God, and going with the aid of what the one’s prophecies say, they are yet to receive the popularity they deserve as prescribed using God. This is understandable because a wonderful part of the world’s populace is trapped inside the high partitions of the faiths of technological know-how, political ideologies, nationalism, bigotry, and spiritual confusion.