Top 10 Best Podcasts 2023


When it comes to podcasts, there are countless options. There’s something for everyone, from history and true crime to comedy and pop culture.

There stood the world by storm when it was first released in 2014. Similarly, Swindled is a fascinating podcast that looks at historical events from a new perspective and shows how things people think they know can change.

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Science Friday

Science Friday is brain fun for curious people. Created in 1991 by host and executive producer Ira Flatow, the show covers everything from the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes inside our bodies. It is one of NPR’s most popular podcasts, and NPR’scts a large, engaged audience on iTunes. Besides being available on the radio, the show offers digital content and produces award-winning videos.

The show’s episodes are great sourshow’sscience news teachers can use in their classrooms. The lessons are easy to follow, and the podcasts offer a wide range of high-interest topics that will capture student attention. Teachers can also use the website to find lesson ideas and content for all levels, including younger elementary and upper high school students.

For example, in an episode about the genome of a famous sled dog, Science Friday Senior Producer Charles Bergquist talks with Sophie Bushwick, technology editor for Scientific American, about how the twisty tale of Balto and his mission to Nome, Alaska, is full of evolutionary surprises. The conversation also covers other big stories in the world of science, like a prediction of a hot El Nino summer, an amateur astronomer who discovered a new supernova, and alleviating waste problems by using recycled diapers in concrete.

In another episode, guest host Shahla Farzan talks to psychologist Xuan Zhao about the psychology of asking for help. The conversation explores how people are more likely to lend a hand than we think, even when it may inconvenience them. Also featured in this episode are scientists who share their vulnerable career moments, such as paleoclimatologist Rachel Lupien, who discusses the shame she felt after her paper on climate change was rejected by five journals.

99% Invisible

There are many reasons to love the popular podcast 99% Invisible, but the show’s playfulness and curiosity show the world around us are among the most noteworthy. Did you know, for instance, that New York is almost completely devoid of alleyways or that a certain type of octagonal home was once part of an architectural fad? That kind of thing is what the podcast does best.

Host Roman Mars’s roving eye for design hasMars’sthe podcasts a staple of public radio, and its popularity has made it the most downloaded audio show ever. It has also produced a spinoff, limited series, and best-selling book that made the New York Times bestseller list in its week of release. Mars’s new deal with SiriusXM puMars’s company is in the hands of a major player in the industry and solidifies 99% Invisible as a perennial best-of-show.

The bestselling podcast’s new book, The 99% Invipodcast’sy: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design (Oct. 2020, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), boils down the premise of the show into a handy pocket guide. Covering everything from power grids to maintenance hole covers, sidewalk hieroglyphics to that little guy on crosswalk signals, this well-researched volume should fascinate the podcast’s devoted listeners, as podcast’snyone curious about cities and the unsung marvels of urban design.

Overheard at National Geographic

National Geographic has been in the podcast game for a while, but its most popular show is the weekly Overheard at National Geographic. It features snippets from conversations overheard at headquarters and via Zooms and Slack chats between editors, scientists, photographers, and explorers worldwide.

The episodes are fascinating, giving listeners a deeper look at topics ranging from ancient archaeology to modern scientific endeavors in Alaska. For example, one episode follows a National Geographic photographer as she lives on the Arctic sea ice with Inupiaq whale hunters, learning about how climate change is impacting their livelihoods.

In another episode, National Geographic editor-at-large Peter Gwin interviews underwater photographer Brian Skerry about orcas. They discuss how these animals—often called killer whales—have identities, personalities, traditions, and even languages. They also have empathy and love for their family members. Skerry compares orcas to his children, which gives listeners a new appreciation for this awe-inspiring cetacean.

Other episodes explore how scientists are cracking the mystery of elephant communication and what it’s like to be on a mission to it’s the rainforest. Overheard at National Geographic is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and other streaming services.

In addition to allowing people to follow a day in the life of scientists, this podcast has been an effective tool for drawing attention to underrepresented voices in science. For example, the program will focus on female guests such as astrobiologist Penelope Boston and marine geo-archaeologist Beverly Goodman in season two. By featuring their perspectives in the podcast, National Geographic can reach a more diverse audience than in a print article or video.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Podcasts O’Brienisteners to explore a wide variety of topics and genres. Arts podcasts can provide insights into the creation, historical context, and cultural significance of various art forms like music, visual art, and theater.

This American Life is a weekly podcast that tells moving stories about the American experience. It has won many awards and is a great choice for anyone who wants to expand their worldview while entertaining themselves.

Suppose you’re looking for a comedy podcyou’reook no further than This Is Not A Real Show. The show features comedians and actors reading listener submissions from their smartphones and responding with satire and humor. The result is an incredibly funny and entertaining show that’s sure to please any comedythat’sThe actress Anna Faris hosts this podcast that puts a comedic spin on relationship advice. In each episode, Faris speaks with podcast listeners who seek her misinformed expertise on matters of the heart and mind. Guests range from regular people to celebrities and pop culture figures.

Podcast listeners can learn about various art forms in this podcast, which YouTuber Emma Chamberlain hosts. In addition to discussing popular movies, Chamberlain talks about a wide range of other topics, including party behavior and female friendships. The show is recorded from her bedroom, giving it a warm and cozy feel.

Music month begins on this podcast in March with appearances by Norah Jones, Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner, and Breakfast’s Radio exclusive with Neil Young. The podcast also features a chat with singer-songwriter Eilish and is available now wherever you get your podcasts. Lastly, More Perfect returns after a four-year hiatus with host Julia Longoria interrogating the United States Supreme Court for all its problematic incidents.

Trashy Divorces

Gawping at other people’s divorces may not be thepeople’sgnified hobby, but Stacie and Alicia make it hilariously enjoyable on this podcast. They take a celebrity and do a deep dive into their history to understand why they ended up in their divorce. The results are a wry look at some of the world’s most famous names, from World VIII to Fleetwood Mac.

This podcast aims to show that the rich are just like us and focuses on the questionable decisions they often make. This can include everything from buying a yacht to hiring a bodyguard for their kids. The hosts aren’t afraid to poke fun at thearen’tocracy and have a lot of fun doing so.

The show is a laugh-out-loud comedy that covers many famous people from the past and present. Each episode focuses on two iconic figures from pop culture or history and digs into their “trashy divorce”. n “It is a must-listen for anyone who wants to be amused by some of the biggest names in pop culture and history.

The show is hosted by a married couple, which helps to add a personal touch to each episode. They have a great knack for getting the most out of their guests and have made this an amazing, entertaining podcast.

The Rewatchable is a podcast that features lively conversations on films that are worth revisiting over and over. The Ringer team has some real chemistry on this show, making it one of the best podcasts.