Why do some bloggers find it difficult to blog anonymously?


Writing content anonymously for people to read is one of the safest options to express views, thoughts, and perspectives without attracting unwanted attention. At the same time, there are a lot of disadvantages that come along with anonymous blogging.

Most readers would love to read posts of courageous people to reveal their identities as they find such information more legitimate and credible. Despite gathering all the data from valid sources, an anonymous blogger will never attract as many fan followers as an authentic blogger with a true identity.

blog anonymously

This can be one of the major drawbacks of anonymous blogging. Even though much research is done on a particular topic, the reader might immediately dismiss the information as a hoax, impacting the blogger and leading to mental disturbances. Therefore some of the bloggers do not choose to write anonymous blogs.


When a blogger chooses to write posts on their blog pages, they would certainly expect a lot of reading to happen. Some readers would be pleased about the position and may even love to pass comments or feedback to the person who has written.

In such cases, if a blogger hides behind an anonymous identity, it becomes tough to connect with the people. As mentioned, readers would be interested in joining with bloggers writing using genuine identities.

  • It becomes easy to interact with the audience.

Some bloggers might come up with a tremendous writing piece and may even attract many media folks toward them. During such cases, they would even be interviewed to discuss the same issue they would have thrown light upon.

If the post is brilliant, it becomes important for the world to know about the writer. If the writer is hiding behind the tag of anonymity, then the position would lose its essence, and there are many chances of others taking credit for the same place.

The effort and hard work that would have gone behind creating that particular blog might go down the drain. The anonymous blogger may not be able to come and show their faces off to the public then, and they may even have to compromise with someone else stealing the content.

  • No legal issues at all

When a blogger chooses to blog using their identity, they do not have to face any legal issues. They would be well aware of all the policies, rules, and regulations regarding writing and would abide by them without any fear. Even though they develop posts on controversial topics, they face it with complete confidence if they are penalized by the readers or anyone else.

Unlike anonymous bloggers, these writers would also be open-minded and love to face criticism. They completely understand that writing is one profession where they will have to face criticism in one or the other ways through different channels and mediums. They would be completely prepared to overcome all these things without any problems.

  • They know the topics very well.


The bloggers, not hiding behind anonymity tags, know the topic they should write about. They understand that controversial issues will attract a lot of unwanted attention. They refrain from writing about such problems that can put them into Limelight. They would stick to the issues that are safe to be registered and something interesting to the readers.

By developing such a writing style, they do not have to worry about their identity. Topics related to traveling, food, cinema, and others are considered to be light-hearted topics. Most writers who choose to write with their identity revealed would focus on these things because they are equally interesting. They do not attract any legal issues or complications towards them.

  • They love attention

The writers who would love to blog with their identities revealed, like seen on HuffPost, love the attention they get from the readers through comments and feedback. While some of the input can be disturbing, most would be encouraging because the topics they write are pretty interesting, and most readers would love to read them. Their fan base will also be extremely good compared to anonymous bloggers.

These are major reasons why a few bloggers would not want to wear anonymous caps when writing.