5 Key Things to Know About Sauna Suits


Sauna suits are waterproof exercise outfits that help people lose more weight by increasing body temperature during workouts. They’re made of synthetic materials that allow the body to breathe while promoting increased sweat. Here are some key things to know about sauna suits.

1. Sauna Suits and Weight Loss

Sauna suits have been proven to aid in weight loss. Studies show that overweight and obese people who exercise in sauna suits see improvements in weight loss, body-fat percentage, resting metabolic rate, and more. The benefits of using a sauna suit increase over time, so the longer you continue to use one, the more weight you’ll lose.

2. Other Health Benefits of Sauna Suits

Sauna Suits

Image via Flickr by slgckgc

In addition to increasing weight loss, sauna suits have been shown to provide the following health benefits:

  • Reducing workout time.
  • Improving athletic performance.
  • Enhancing endurance.
  • Increasing VO2 max rates.
  • Lowering cholesterol.
  • Decreasing overall body fat.

3. How To Use a Sauna Suit

You can wear a sauna suit over lightweight clothing if preferred, or you can wear it over your undergarments. When you first use a sauna suit, it’s important to build up your endurance gradually. For example, work out for 10 minutes on the first day, 20 minutes on the second day, etc. Plan to exercise in a sauna suit three to five times a week. Also, sauna suits are not meant for high-intensity or extremely vigorous workouts because they hold so much body heat.

A sauna suit can add many benefits to your regular fitness routine. Just be sure to use them with the awareness that you’re sweating more and continue to sip water while exercising.

4. How To Clean a Sauna Suit

Some sauna suits are machine washable, but read the label of your garment before washing. If it’s machine washable, pass it on the gentle cycle or hand-wash it with a detergent for delicate fabrics. Hang and air-dry your neoprene sauna suit, as the heat from the dryer can damage the material.

5. Choosing the Right Sauna Suit

Sauna suits for men generally come in PVC, nylon, or neoprene fabrics. PVC is the cheapest choice, but it’s also the least durable and most prone to ripping or tears. Nylon is a suitable mid-range option, but it has no stretch, so it might feel restrictive during a workout. Neoprene is a soft, durable, and flexible material that offers the best return on investment.

Sauna suits range in sizes; some are unisex, so scrutinize the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines the first time you purchase. You want the sauna suit to fit snugly but not too tightly, with enough flexibility to give you a full range of motion while exercising. If you purchase a sauna suit and lose weight, the case should still fit snugly enough to continue using the original topic. If you’re ready to cut weight and burn more fat, look for sauna suits of high-quality neoprene in various sizes and styles.