Android mobile O reportedly delayed, but call may be revealed quickly


Android O, the next version of Google’s mobile OS, has been in beta for some time, but August became the month we speculated would see a reputable launch.

Recent reviews recommended that Google’s Pixel might be up to date with the new OS next week, keeping things in step with the business enterprise’s unique promise to release Android O later, ‘in the summertime.’ But the release has now been pushed returned in an effort with Android Police’s David Ruddock, who tweeted the information:


A few days ago, Ruddock had counseled Android O would be launched imminently; however, as his tweet explains, that appears to have been modified, and there’s no similar information to be had. While it stays unconfirmed by Google that Ruddock is on the money right here, he tweets out some further news.

It seems we can count on studying the real call of Android O later this month: Why the solar eclipse applies to the subsequent generation of Google’s OS remains doubtful at this factor, but it’s exciting, not less. However, Ruddock makes sure to caveat that this information comes from an unverifiable supply, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. He goes on to say Google is making plans for something larger than the standard for the Android O call assertion, saying, “It received’s just be a random “oh hi there right here’s a statue” element.”

Pros and Cons of Android Phones

Knowing about Android phones’ numerous pros and cons will help potential customers make a better decision when buying one. So, is an Android cell phone worth the cash spent? Let’s find out.

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Android is a software stack constructed specially for mobile gadgets consisting of a running device, middleware, and key packages. Taken over by Google in 2005, Android OS is one of the most famous operating gadgets for phones, and mobile agencies everywhere in the world are accepting it with open fingers. Recently, Google promised a series of effective Android changes because the working system is climbing to the top of its reputation. More than 60 Android smartphones are available in the marketplace nowadays, and more than hundred 000 models are sold daily.


Today, Android OS is the area’s best-selling smartphone platform. It gives its customers more than 2 hundred 000 apps, but with its rising reputation, critics are sure it will soon cross the 1 million mark. Google has made an explosive entry inside the cell marketplace with Android, and this smart pass has thoroughly served them. Today, Android smartphones additionally hold the respect of being the quickest-promoting telephones within the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Phones

The availability of various working structures and phones has harassed the majority. Should they try out Android telephones or not? Perhaps a top-level view of the pros and cons of Android phones will assist potential smartphone customers in making a higher preference.

User-Friendliness Pros

People could have all of the Android benefits they need to apply. It is one of the world’s most consumer-pleasant mobile running systems, and customization is pretty clean.


This freedom of customization will surely create some troubles for those close to destiny. Users who customize their cell phones to their heart’s content will make many. Before buying an Android cell phone, it’shaving technical know-how about the gadget’s functioning is miles clever.


Most Android smartphones choose a removable battery, allowing users to buy an additional battery if the antique one doesn’t work. If the cell phone’s inner reminiscence is too small for the user, an expandable reminiscence option is usually there. An SD card can be offered for extra reminiscence. Virtual typing is the brand new ‘IN THING.’ It is amusing for some human beings and a hassle for a few. Since virtual typing or ‘Touch Screen’ is unique, many Android telephones have a typing keyboard.


A huge drawback of most Android telephones is the small display length. This shortcoming makes some competitors, like the iPhone, a better choice. The desire for phones with physical keyboards may be very low, and most consumers are not happy about the negative photo quality of the cell digital camera.

Choices Pros

The latest Android OS recognition has led major mobile telephone corporations like HTC, Samsung Electronics, Motorola, and many others to choose Android to run their smartphones. The market is flooded with unique gadgets, including tablet PCs, music gamers, and other devices that run on Android OS.


People say that too much of anything is bad. Many smartphones are on the market, and it’s not feasible to list the pros and cons of every Android smartphone. Each smartphone is better than the subsequent one, and until customers do not purchase the telephone, it’s tough to point out the product’s shortcomings.

Applications pros

The Android Market has over 200,000 apps, and many more are added daily. It is effortless to install and download apps from the Android Market. If a person is uninterested in an app, they can remove it from the cell phone without problems; the techniques aren’t lengthy and time-consuming like those for other phones.


The Apple App Store still provides better apps than the existing Android Market. This drawback can prove very costly for Android, attempting very difficult to offer hard competition to Apple. Plus, many beneficial Android Market apps aren’t unfastened, which again approaches spending money shopping for them.


Launch of Android OS Pros

The quality element of Google’s Android is that it launches a new edition nearly every three months. The latest model offers many more applications and video games to select from, numerous bugs have been eliminated, and enhancements have been made over the older version. Updating the phone with new variations allows users to revel in higher offerings.


Not everyone is satisfied with this consistent change by Google, and the truth isn’t everybody can find the money to keep updating their telephones with newer versions of Android. Many people strive to root out their very unstable phones to keep the telephone updated. Rooting an Android smartphone is the same as jailbreaking an iPhone; one incorrect pass and the phone can be as useless as a brick. Hence, rooting should continually be finished after searching for diverse dangers.

Miscellaneous Pros

Android phones are the cutting-edge craze in the market and are becoming famous with loads at a very rapid fee. The biggest beneficiary is the customers, as they’re getting a lot of picks, and the prices are no longer excessive.


We have become too dependent on cell technology. It has made humans so lazy that they prefer talking on the telephone instead of having a face-to-face conversation. The considerable utilization of any cellular phone can motivate fitness dangers that cannot be dominated. There are some pros and cons to the use of Android telephones.

Android mobile O is reportedly delayed, but the call may be revealed quickly. Cell phones have become an undeniable part of our lives, and it’s far too tough to work without them. I hope the readers have found the facts they have been looking for.