Your selfies may not look like trash anymore in case you’re the use of an Android telephone


Android users are frequently left wanting more with regards to their smartphone’s digital camera. An ex-Google exec even thinks Androids are years in the back of the iPhone in terms of photography.

But the Google Camera app got a prime update, such as a miles-desired selfie flash. It’s to be had to absolutely everyone with Nexus and Pixel gadgets the usage of Android 7.1.1 and above.

While the most effective update consists of a handful of teen modifications, they upload up to making the pictures enjoy Android tons higher.

The maximum noteworthy and apparent trade is the new selfie “flash.” Now, when you visit to take an image along with your front-facing digicam, the cell phone’s display will fill with a bright manilla color to shine some mild to your face. It’s now not ideal. However, it’s better than not anything, specifically in low-mild settings.

Before this update, Google Camera customers both had to send a creepily lit selfie, desire to discover a lamp nearby, turn their smartphone round to take a selfie the usage of the returned-dealing with a digicam.

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Another addition is a short zooming capability. Double faucet to routinely zoom in and lower back out. Before this existed, you had to use the zoom bar. But note that double-tapping will zoom to the identical focal distance each time, so the zoom bar continues to be the manner to move if you want a particular stage.

Finally, Google Camera makes it less complicated to transfer among video and image modes with a button after the shutter. This should be lots faster than swiping on the viewfinder, such as you used to have to do to exchange between modes.

Even though those modifications aren’t wildly converting the tool itself, they’re starting to shut the space between Android and iPhone images. So ensure your Android is going for walks at the four. Four replace and start taking pictures of the one’s selfies.

Can Selfie Addiction be Considered as a Mental Illness?

This is a selfie generation! Everyone is keen on taking selfies and posting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Is there a need to worry about this booming trend? ‘Cause psychiatrists have related selfies to narcissism and intellectual infection. Buzzle finds out all about the selfie dependency.

‘Selfie’ [noun. A picture was taken of oneself by oneself, with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media] was declared as ‘2013 word of the yr’ by using Oxford Dictionaries. The year 2014 become named because of the ‘Year of the Selfie’ on Twitter.
Selfies have ended up a cultural trend. Right from celebrities and presidents to commonplace humans, anyone has this craze. Selfie’s furor has hottest selfies of all time gushed even within the enjoyment global, and there’s an American series named ‘Selfie,’ and an album of the equal name. So, pictures of bad mother selfies have institutes that have started out providing the selfie course, in which they train the art of perfecting self-portraiture. Is it just a fad, or does this have dangers worried?

Let me take a Selfie!!!

Be it celebrities flaunting their grand existence or everyday humans capturing moments and sharing on social networking websites, selfies are more than a fashion! I visited a brand new area, take a selfie. Mesmerized with 5 big names too? Grab a selfie! Getting bugged? Needless to say, the selfie is in its manner. In reality, did selfie Twitter pics you take a shower? Perfect time to click on a selfie and post it on your bookmarked web site!

We might also chuckle at our friends posting their pictures with pouts each hour, changing their DPs all of sudden, or glower over our favorite celebrities being obsessed with clicking selfies. However, the current research linking selfies to mental disease can not be ignored.

Something that began with only a click on has deeper, intense issues if ascertained on an extreme note.

How does my Selfie appearance?

Psychologists think that a trifling addition of taking pictures of self until the ‘image perfect’ moment may be a sign of narcissism. These overly self-obsessed social media addicts are in perpetual need of appreciation. They may be depressed, annoying, suffering from loneliness, or self-loving folks who quest for attention to fill in the emotional void of their lives created through social media’s extended publicity.


Feeling the need to get noticed and liked is a human tendency. Capturing a selfie in a positive pose at a certain location is one of the simplest methods to benefit interest. The hidden caption on the back of such selfies is, “Please understand me, my looks, my skills, recognize the manner I spend my lifestyles. And, in case android download you want, I could discover a higher vicinity to share them.”

Studies have additionally connected selfie addiction to low esteem. A Boston-primarily based psychologist opined that taking lots of selfies gives an illustration of low confidence in that character.

Another psychologist from London stated that this isn’t always just an addiction, however a symptom of frame dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Research completed using the voucher cloud app revealed that around 60% of children (normal selfie-takers) feel low esteem in the back of their smiles.

Selfie Addiction in News

Danny Bowman, a 19-year-old teenager, supposing-ly Britain’s first selfie addict, has been inside the information for a while. His selfie dependency made him spend 10 hours an afternoon clicking up to two hundred images on his telephone.

Danny said his urge to get an idea selfie made him suicidal. He lost his pals; he turned into thrown off his faculty; he lost his fitness, all ‘motive of this addiction. The most effective aspect he cared approximately turned into searching best, android download for pc, which made him lose 2 stones, in the end, to get a perfect snap. He changed into sensitive to criticism and felt depressing if he’d get terrible feedback about his body or picture, making him take a greater wide variety of selfies.

Doctors opined that that is an excessive case of OCD and frame dysmorphic disease, wherein the affected person feels lots of anxiety regarding his look. Danny’s been business telephone dealt with and helps human beings stricken by the same trauma. But this changed into an exceedingly hard phase of his lifestyle.

Danny’s father said, “There is a huge lack of understanding approximately the dangers social networking and cellular technology can pose if a young person already has any insecurities – which most do.”

David Veal (a consultant psychiatrist who turned into handling Danny’s case) told The Sunday Mirror, “Two out of 3 of all the free android os for tablets sufferers who come to see me with body dysmorphic disorder for the reason that upward thrust of digital camera telephones have a compulsion to take selfies repeatedly.”

Another research using the Ohio State University says guys who take and share lots of selfies on web sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, possess psychopathic developments like lack of empathy.


Additionally, there became a buzz that the APA (American Psychiatric Association) has waved a confirming flag to selfies causing mental infection. And Vonage telephone services that they have named this ailment as selfies, which has 3 stages: borderline selfish (clicking photographs of oneself as a minimum thrice, however no longer posting on social media), acute selfies (taking selfies at a minimum thrice a day and posting all on networking sites), and continual selfies (an uncontrollable urge to click selfies and post them). However, this became determined to be a hoax. However, it truly has its set of after-consequences.

Selfie Addiction Help

People ordinary to clicking selfies is simply a cry for the assist. Psychologists have recommended away: to preserve a selfie magazine. All you need to do is notice down everything in your mind while you’re approximate to take a selfie. Analyze if that is a manner to meet your want for social reputation, or is it a way to cope with mood swings and tension.

If you feel you are for your manner to getting addicted, please take a pause. Talk to a person you understand. Your selfies may not look like trash anymore in case you’re the use of an Android telephone. Consult a psychologist or a counselor. Give a break to your smartphone and reduce your visits to photo uploading websites.