Your selfies may not look like trash anymore in case you’re the use of an Android telephone


Android users are frequently left wanting more about their smartphone’s digital camera. An ex-Google exec even thinks Androids are years behind the iPhone in photography. But the Google Camera app got a prime update, such as a miles-desired selfie flash. It’s to be had by everyone with Nexus and Pixel gadgets with the use of Android 7.1.1 and above. While the most effective update consists of a handful of teen modifications, they upload up to making the pictures enjoy Android tons higher.


The most noteworthy and apparent trade is the new selfie “flash.” When you visit to take an image with your front-facing digicam, the cell phone’s display will fill with a bright manilla color to shine some mild on your face. It’s now not ideal. However, it’s better than not anything, specifically in low-mild settings. Before this update, Google Camera customers had to send a creepily lit selfie, desire to discover a lamp nearby, turn their smartphone around to take a selfie and use returned-dealing with a digicam.

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Another addition is a short zooming capability. Double faucet to zoom in and lower back out routinely. Before this existed, you had to use the zoom bar. But note that double-tapping will zoom to the identical focal distance each time, so the zoom bar continues to be the manner to move if you want a particular stage.

Finally, Google Camera complicates transferring between video and image modes with a button after the shutterless. This should be much faster than swiping on the viewfinder, as you used to have to do to exchange between modes.

Even though those modifications aren’t wildly converting the tool, they’re starting to shut the space between Android and iPhone images. So ensure your Android is going for walks at the four. Four replace and start taking pictures of the one’s selfies.

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