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Meet the Group United states sports technology guru transforming Everton FC

In the aftermath of each Olympics, a critical gaze is constant on English football and the question requested why our players can’t match the requirements of our medal heroes.Everton took the novel step of appointing one of the chief...

Wanted: A few sports activities giants on the Sensex

A concept came to thoughts whilst watching the volleyball gold medal in shape between Brazil and Italy. The final scoreline present day 3-0 does now not do justice to the contest’s depth.Spikes booming in from 12 feet, mystery serves...

Sports activities Character of the Yr: Will summer season of achievement make this the...

Over again, it's been a summer when Britain's sporting stars have accomplished a lot to delight. In Rio, 2d region within the medal desk, twenty years after the Atlanta Olympics saw the kingdom end thirty sixth.British athletes gained 67...