David Off’s Cigars Tradition Article



A special tradition regarding cigar craftsmanship has been raised for decades of continued diligence. Many know this special brand when it comes to cigars. It’s a classic among the classics. It was iconic, and history went on to perfect its form in media and the attention of those who truly appreciate tradition. Is it because one feels cool when placing it between their lips, or is there a bigger reason for its steady crafted steps? Could it be the taste of the cigar? That is to be explored in this article. Understanding the process only adds value to the overall product, and that’s why such information is being made visible to those seeking to understand its traditions.

Tradition Article

Davidoff’s cigars are top-notch against other cigar brands. A respectful brand that gives nothing more than what its dedicated customers demand from its ingrained culture. What solidified its prominence in a continued culture is craftsmanship. The craftsmanship is only improving over the years, and its tradition continues to grow. Its location, where each cigar is made with precision, is the heart of a great natural location.


The process is smooth and finds a well-made cigar product when it’s made. That’s first brought about in a tobacco field. The plants grow in special places like the Dominican Republic, where patience is put at full throttle for the seeds to take root correctly. Any seeds that don’t show promise are not set for the next step in cigar production. Interestingly, nine out of every ten sources cannot make it to the next process. Such concentration is at an all-time high for the best final product overall.

When the seeds are picked, they undergo a rigorous process, catered to in nurseries, then placed in well-analyzed soil. That occurs in Davidoff’s owned farms based in the Dominican Republic. Leaves amassing in the surrounding area are sorted so that when they settle and affect the seeds, the cigar will ultimately have a distinct flavor attributed to the different kinds of leaves.

Those leaves are Visus, Corona, Seco, and Volado. Visus is responsible for a texture that gives a neutral taste to the cigar. At the same time, Corona has a more concentrated overstanding flavor that is sometimes preferred over the moderate taste of Seco. Colorado has the softest taste touches among the mentioned list.

When the leaves have been taken cautiously, they are looked after in ranches. That’s where they obtain the well-known aroma being observed and taken care of by diligent workers who ensure the temperature is where it has to be to bring Davidoff’s cigar to life for those that have enjoyed it for years.

Overall, it takes about eighteen to twenty-four months foraging to make it brisk to the right touch, and then fermentation is usually expected to span about forty days. Once it’s all been confirmed to be ready, the leaves are blended, and every step is followed to create a well respected cigar in its culture. The products are then shipped to Switzerland for tasters to give them the okay to be sent for distribution, where cigar smokers partake in their tradition.

The anniversary features pairings for numerous Davidoff Cigars. In that event, innumerable pairings satisfy all cigar smokers of this established brand. Nicaragua cigar pairings are available for purchase from Winston Churchill cigar pairing to the signature series cigar pairing. Each is for the celebration of a beloved traditional brand of cigar.