Mac and iOS Writing App ‘Ulysses’ Transitions to Subscription Model


Today, Ulysses, the agency behind the famous Ulysses writing apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, announced that it is transitioning to a subscription model. Starting nowadays, Ulysses will be priced at $4.99 in line wi an h month or $39.99 according to 12 months, with a subscription plan unlocking Ulysses to be used on all devices. Ulysses is also presenting a pupil plan with six months of access for $10.99, and two-week free trials are available.

Transitions to Subscription Model

With a subscription model, Ulysses says the organization might be able to do regular, small releases more frequently, focusing extra on the needs of the consumer base to aim for large updates to lure in new customers.

“Co-founder Max Seelemann about the brand new subscription model: “This step turned vital to position Ulysses’ future development on a strong basis. We weighed numerous options — paid updates amongst them — and concluded that the subscription version, as it’s far to be had with the App Store considering that 2016, is a nice mac os officially applicable to satisfy each of our customer’s needs and our wishes as builders.”

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To encourage present clients to switch to the brand new subscription model, Ulysses offers an everlasting lifestyle-long discount on the yearly plan, dropping the price from $forty per 12 months to $30 in line with yr (50% off a monthly subscription).

Customers who currently purchase Ulysses for Mac can stand up to 12 months of loose use, simultaneously as clients who’ve purchased the app on a Mac cosmetics official website. iOS devices can stand up to 6 months of open use primarily based on grace intervals calculated from the date of purchase. Ulysses plans to inform customers about the gives from inside the app.

The single-buy versions of Ulysses were removed from the sale but will continue defining ios devices as purposeful. The apps are up to date for High Sierra and iOS 11; however, new capabilities will best be introduced to the apps’ subscription variations.

Gameloft’s Gangstar New Orleans is out now on Android and iOS.

As expected, the GTA-like Gangstar New Orleans mobile game, with the aid of Gameloft, has sincerely made its debut on both the Android and iOS structures. Although its definition of the sport became clean-launched weeks in the past, it becomes most effective in more than one nation. Beginning nowadays, Gangstar New Orleans will be had globally without price (with in-app purchases).

Gameloft attempts to supply an open-world placement to gamers who determine upon smaller presentations. The sport allows game enthusiasts to roam the metropolis streets of New Orleans while taking up biker gangs, crooked police officers, and even Voodoo clergy members (sure, you read that properly).


Your last aim is to say the Large Smooth is your very personal criminal turf, and you may rent any method essential to gather this undertaking. The sport functions as a strong campaign that allows game enthusiasts to shoot their way via tale missions, which take area in numerous New Orleans districts.

The man or woman you may be playing is truly customizable, so you benefit from the variety of options for new models protected in the sport. On top of that, you can equip, fuse and evolve hundreds of guns, automobiles, and gangsters to suit your play style.

According to Gameloft, Gangstar New Orleans capabilities triple-A images and a splendid soundtrack that ought to assist players in immersing into the arena of gang wars, shooting motion, and gangsters.

Capabilities Of Android And IOS

iOS And Android are the two most famous and consumer-first-rate running structures used for mobile gadgets. Both of those packages are filled with advanced features and application ecosystems. There are seen variations in Android smartphones and iOS. Honestly, it’s miles a well-taken into-consideration preference to pick either a tablet or Telephone for non-public use. Android is referred to as the most generally used platform. Telephone manufacturers widely utilize this. Opposite to Android, iOS is mainly used by Apple devices like iPhones.

Assessment Between iOS and Android

iOS and Android have admirable abilities that could, without trouble, draw users’ attention to buying those programs. With iOS, we can experience the transport of newspapers, magazines, and iMessage to iOS users and get fashion models Clean to study the format of net pages. It supports Java Script and offers Siri for extra insurance. Siri can give solutions concerning stats, sports, movies, and reviews. If you need to apprehend approximately the high-quality eating places or open locations, Siri is generally geared up to offer its offerings. IOS has supplied an Apple Map that can provide a 3-d view of cities, caution about accidents, site visitors records, and street creation. There is some drawback to iOS, and one of the easy weaknesses of this working device is associated with decreased OS version. Those variations are susceptible and can be very effortlessly hacked via device hackers.


Android gives infinite capabilities and permits its clients to navigate with intuitive gestures. The ice cream sandwich is one of the top-notch characteristics of Android telephones. The readability has been advanced through the excessive choice screen, conveying a complex search for the person interface. The key electricity of Android is its multitasking characteristics, which enables the purchaser to jump from one activity to each different with the help of a machine bar list. Android provides a list of guidelines related to the device getting entry to its customers. Those safety locks may be adjusted to the time of the application setup. All Android phone data may be stored in a Gmail account. It is beneficial for customers to retrieve their important contact, messages, or private information by logging into their Gmail accounts. Just like iOS, Android has a few professionals and cons. The simple problem with this going-for-walks system is associated with an Android mobile phone’s inefficiencies in getting updates to the extremely-modern model.

Android And iOS users: Is There A Distinction?

While we can now and again study articles on tech blogs approximately “how and why I dropped iOS in want of Android” (or vice versa), in many cases, humans tend to stick to the platform in their desire. As for software/startup proprietors, iOS is favored over Android because of the primary platform for improvement. As for software program application builders, you can’t inform them for sure. Some people love the smoothness of iOS; some love the customizability of Android. We’d want to factor out a few popular variations Between common customers of Android and iOS. Or maybe it is truly the manner we understand them?

The King Of Brand Loyalty

Apple might now not provide an excessive amount of preference for clients. However, it strives to offer the pleasant. Considering that Apple products are considered in style statements, it’s no longer hard to give a cause of why they rank the fine at patron pride and Brand loyalty, the fact constantly repeated in Apple keynotes. Preserving the Emblem photograph and the exquisite gadgets is equally crucial for Apple. Their users are more engaged, spend greater time in apps, and on average, approximately 80% of iPhone clients formerly owned an iPhone. The fragmented Android surely can not reap this consistency.


The reason is that Google changed into a bit past due to what Apple had from the start. Apple isn’t just a bright device; its electricity is the near-to-ideal character enjoy and balanced interaction Between hardware and software. Google is attempting to seize its Nexus, but the gap remains enormous. The same is going for Microsoft and its colorful and recognizable Lumia hardware.

Searching free Apps

This may be explained through the stats that iOS Mac and iOS Writing App’  Ulysses’ Transitions to Subscription Model customers tend to have large earnings, so they can develop with the money for being Apple fanboys and fangirls. However, due to the huge amount of reasonably-priced Android gadgets: high-stop Android smartphones are comparable with the contemporary iPhone’s costs. Possibly every other cause is that there are many free apps on Google Play, and a few of the maximum hit ones were deliberately provided by way of Google. An out-of-the-container Android is ready to use with All of the preinstalled apps, no longer just like the iPhone, in which you will begin with an easy device and Apple Identity to get admission to the App Keep. However, android owners don’t want to get used to the ever-gift ‘free.’