Do you not want your property to have solid and beautiful structures? Designing, construction, floor planning is crucial to have a feasible and good-looking property. It is during a situation like this when you will need to hire an architect. However, you cannot trust anybody with your property like that; you need an architect who has the right experience and knowledge of what they are doing.


An architect is the brains of a home building project, and you should only hire the best ones. Here are a few tips that you must consider before hiring an architect.


You want someone who has the right expertise. Right expertise often comes with experience, which means that the architect should have worked for several years. This will enable them to know which areas and things to watch out for a while working on your building project. They are so used to handling such projects that you get proper assistance right from start to finish with the best results. Not only this, but they will also have the right equipment and contacts to get the work done accordingly.


The timeframe is one of the key elements to look after while hiring an architect. It would be best if you asked the architect to give you a briefing about the same. Remodeling a building or building any project has its own time-constraints, so you will have to look into it and give your architect the time to do their job correctly.


Before your architect starts working on your project, do ask for a feasibility report first. This will help you understand the cost per square meter, various complexities of your project and site. Ask them about the various exclusions and inclusions like blinds/curtains, floor coverings, appliances, landscaping, fixtures, and fittings. Understand their way of building the project. Furthermore, while hiring an architect, you must look into your budget. Check if there are any additional fees. Usually, an architect charges a progressive fee for the different stages of the project. The initial stage includes drawing and initial design concepts, while the later stage would have the final drawings and revised designs. Make sure to ask them about their hourly rate, fixed costs and discuss the various fees and permits such as counsel fees, engineering, geotechnical, and surveyor’s fees, as well as permits and other unexpected payments.


It would help if you looked into the architect’s profile, which will give you an idea about how many years they have provided people their building service, it will also give you an idea of the areas they operate in, whether they have a solid reputation or not, or do they own proper valid licensing. Trusted architects will always give you the correct customer history and reviews. So make sure you check the background of the company before moving further. Talk to people who have already worked with them, verify their reviews online and seek references from your friends and family.

There are various other things to consider but the most important ones that key elements to any building project are quality, time, and cost. It’s often difficult to get all three in harmony. A good architect will always try to bring the three together. So begin your searching keeping in mind these tips.