Why the sector’s First-class Athletes Can’t Stop Eating McDonald’s


The line snakes out the door into the Olympic athlete village in Rio de Janeiro, a United Nations of song-suits and heat-up tools: Algeria green, Bangladeshi blue, and the United Arab Emirates white. A number of the arena’s fittest human beings have amassed in this Friday night to endure thirty-minute waits for food that, in principle at the least, should smash their Olympic goals.

At the end of the long queue? The equal Big Macs, McNuggets, and milkshakes are to be had among the greater 36,000 McDonald’s restaurants elsewhere around the international–and frequently with long, shorter waits. But the transient outpost within the athlete village–open to athletes, coaches, and different employees bunking–may be Rio’s most up-to-date price ticket.


The charge has something to do with it. A longtime sponsor of the Olympics, this McDonald’s is unfastened. However, Olympians waiting patiently for their fries and McFlurries on current nighttime offered several reasons for recognizing the ultimate commodity restaurant. (The corporation says it doesn’t have information on the volume of orders In the area.)

“It breaks the monotony,” says Kevin Cordes, an American swimmer who received a gold inside the four X 100 medley relays and said he had a burger before his first race in Rio. “You feel comfortable and happy, Ingesting. You get to loosen up and sluggish down a piece.”

Others see a (not so) rapid food hit as a manner to have fun, a tough-earned win. Aleksandar Radovic, a member of Montenegro’s water polo crew, felt he deserved a treat when they beat the U.S. in advance within the day to clinch a niche inside the quarterfinals. “McDonald’s isn’t always accurate for the athletes,” Radovic recognizes. “However, our food within the village is so uninteresting. Occasionally you need to change.

This was a big victory. We will have fun with one Huge Mac and one Coca-Cola. That’s it. And if they don’t have a Large Mac, We will have fun with Fowl McNuggets.” now, not that Radovic notion that any of it turned out properly for him. “I would also like to apologize to my coach, Vladimir Gojkovic,” says Radovic. “But maybe if we go to the semifinals, We can have a good time with a Huge Mac until we lose.” (He’ll enjoy it: On Tuesday, Montenegro beat Hungary, winner of nine Olympic gold medals, to advance to the semifinals.)

TTheCroatian handball crew members wmembers atch for their meal at a Mcdonald’s in the Olympic athlete’s village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 30, 2016.

Charlie Riedel—APMembers of the Croatian handball group wait for their meal at a Mcdonald’s within the Olympic athlete’s village in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 30, 2016.

No Olympian turned beneath the influence of McDonald’s into electricity food. A Portuguese track athlete becomes approximately to explain his favorite order before a teammate stops him from going on the document. Let their train and education group of workers get disappointed. Nicola Muscat, a swimmer from Malta, sheepishly admitted Consuming a McChicken sandwich three days earlier than her first race (she finished 7th in her 50-m warmth). “This is like confessing my guilt to a priest,” Muscat says.

Jamaican shot-putter O’Danye Richards, who gained bronze at the last 12 months’ international championships and begins throwing Thursday, says moderation is the key to managing his McNugget and McFlurry habit. “It’s all about how tons you devour,” says Richards. “If you don’t want past due it, you’ll be nice.”