Windows 8 Vs iOS, Which One Is Better?


It is hard to imagine that someone who is a diehard fan of  iOS  might actually be looking forward to the Windows 8 launch. However, when it is all about technology then it is imperative for a technology geek to look forward to new emerging trends. Now the question is in what ways Windows 8 is better than  iOS . Let us find out the special unique features offered by Windows 8 that may help in grabbing attention of Apple users worldwide.

Snap Screen Functionality

The functionality of Snap Screen allows a user to add a second app that can be included at the screen edge for quick view. It also gives you the view of two different apps displayed on the screen. One app occupies a three quarter part on the screen, the second app is open on the screen is displayed as a narrow strip. This way you can easily choose to display any app in a larger view, you can swap them across and even exchange content from one app to another.

Other things like icon tiles that are defined in different colors are easy to recognize for a user and makes the home screen attractive. Additionally the inclusion of multi-tasking ability with system-wide inclusion is something to watch out for.

Live updates and Ariel view

The feature of Live Tiles allows in displaying slideshows of images and other content that is dynamic in nature. Live Tiles is all about displaying updated information on the screen including the latest news headlines and the weather forecast. Additionally, you can resize these and customize it to your convenience World Update Reviews.

Though there is not much of user choice when it comes to  iOS  but the display design seems so much to be in symmetry. However, with Microsoft you have the choice of even accommodating third party apps along with those that are already installed on your system or device. Interestingly for user convenience, there are other things like semantic zoom functionality. All you need to do is touch the screen using your two fingers and squeeze it closer. Now you get an overall Ariel like view of the entire screen and the apps. This way you can easily navigate to another view within a few seconds. This zoom functionality also works with calendar entries wherein you can easily view the monthly overview.

App Settings

You can adjust the app settings without having to close it. The apps settings come inbuilt along with the app, this way while you are already using it you can make relevant settings. This can be done by going to the Charms bar that is located within the app itself and then going to Settings where you get the options to make relevant app settings.

It is not so convenient when it comes to  iOS  powered devices. For making adjustments in an app, you first need to leave the app and then go to settings and again search for the app name that requires adjustment. This sure does seem a hell lot of work to begin with. Therefore, here it is done the simple way with Windows 8.

File System

If you are looking for a specific file then you can easily do so with Windows 8 and the results that it fetches will baffle you. The reason being, as soon as you start searching for a specific file say, Jaguar you will see an entire list generated that contains the word Jaguar. From this list, you can easily pick the file that you are looking for. Even if the file is just an image file you will get the list including all the file types like image, multimedia, music, document and other files. This way you will be easily able to look for file attachments even within e-mail messages.

When you are conducting a search in  iOS , you will only be given selective values to search for. Take for example the same word Jaguar that you are looking for, the search results will only be able to display apps by the same name including calendar entries and notes. You do not get the full file search system here.


The IE or Internet Explorer looks much better than Safari. The tabs and address bar are practically hidden in Windows 8 that enables in displaying more of browser content. You need to invoke the address bar and tabs, until then they will stay hidden from the view. You can also utilize integrated search located in the address bar, Flip Ahead. This allows a user to zip past through pages with just a swipe of finger. Additionally the IE seemed much faster with the new UI and it seemed to fetch faster results.

All the above given functionalities and the amazing features come handy when you are using a tab with Windows 8 enabled software especially. However, the dilemma to choose to go with this new refreshing change from  iOS  is totally your own.