Top-Notch Tips to Evaluate Electric Motor Shops


Electric motor failures are generally resultant of in-operation factors such as production activities, the influence of the environment in which they work, and others. Not only are these factors entirely responsible for motor breakdowns, other factors such as inadequate motor practices, improper shipping, storage, and motor installation also harm the efficient functioning of the motor.

Frequent failures of electric motors can cause tremendous damage to the motors and the subsiding systems too. Hence they ought to be maintained with a proper checklist of their inspection plans to ensure their longevity and smooth functioning in the long run.

Electric Motor

During regular use of the motors, you will commonly face many small problems. You can either repair them on your own or contact the electric motor repair service shop. Some common problems pertain to lack of proper lubrication, overheating, shaft misalignment, mechanical and electrical overloads, imbalances in phases, voltage or current, bearing failures, and alike.

Here are some tips you should follow to capitalize on the productivity and efficiency of the motors without rushing for electric motor repair services. Could you have a look at them?

Follow The Repair Procedures:

Apart from other actions, manufacturers in high-quality shops prefer conducting various test procedures to confirm that the motors’ internal core is not damaged during the repair process. This is so because the cores tend to lose their efficiency over time and add to the plant’s overall costs. However, various leading repair companies spend sufficient time testing the motors’ mechanical and electrical components.

Certified Electric Motor Repair Shops:

Among various motor repair shops, only a few of them possess the requisite certification in the motor rebuild and r4epair services. Certifications assure that the motor shops that agree to work with motor repair and rebuilding have undergone proper training and adhere to the manufacturers’ basic standards. Moreover, certified motor repair shops tend to identify the root cause of the motor problem and seek to identify the underlying sources of such problems and propose the necessary solutions to avoid the problem’s recurrence.

Improved Quality Standards:

The electric motor shops that have high standards to deal with the motor problems are the ones that earn certifications before others. The certification process, too, requires time, investment, and energy. To ensure maximum accuracy and consistency, the motor shops should make use of new tools and devices. Therefore, certifications acquired from authorized technical providers and compliance with the best repair practices are a way to ensure the reliability of the electric motor repair service providers.

Reduced Reliability Costs:

Almost everyone in the electrical industry prefers the unique, improved quality of repair standards. The reliability and efficiency of the motors help in reducing a considerable amount of motor failure problems. To reduce the reliability costs, the manufacturers should define a formula that reduces the motor problem incidents. The focus should also be laid on implementing and compliance with standards that serve for continuous improvement.