A Students Prelude to Management and Computer Science


A friend said, “I’ve visited your websites, viewed your articles, and looked at your background.” It’s apparent to me that you do not have a background in Information Technology (Computer Science) or Business Intelligence as a field of study acknowledging Computer Science. I wondered, does one have to have an experience in IT or BI to qualify as a professional in the industry, or does it take a simple interest?


AutoCAD, C Language, Visual Basic, PowerPoint, JavaScript, Excel, Access, Cobol, Word (Microsoft Suite), Data Entry/Processing, DOS, Fortran, Lotus Notes, Management Information Systems, HTML, and Management cover a broad spectrum within the beginning or preparation in the world of IT / BI. The eclectic value of the specialization in one or more of this study group is the mastery and understanding of all.

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I was contacted, recruited, and enrolled in a four-year college program about a week ago. The recruiter was adept at what she was doing, and I followed the schedule as presented. I continually asked, “How will I pay for these college courses?”

When the prepared documentation was submitted for the finalization process, it all came down to dollars and cents. The financial aid person finally contacted me, assuming I was a prime candidate for the ‘Stafford Loan!’ This general education loan is designed for students to enroll in a given college. I explained to the administrator that I am without money, have no wish to establish a loan (for anything), unemployed, and not to mention…my age is also a factor. With the ability to complete the required studies,

I would be done in less than a year. I have three years of accredited college courses with an Associate Degree. I estimated that I would be paying off a student loan for over a few years if I landed a job. I will soon be sixty years of age. Burdened with an educational loan that would probably be on my plate well after I’m sixty-five,

I asked the recruiter and financial aid worker, “Do you believe that I would take out a loan for an extravagant amount of money in the hopes that I would get hired…at my age?” Even if I were to start a new business, a loan would be a bit risky…improbable. It would have been good if I could get back into the classroom.