Blogger Or WordPress? For Beginners Choose Blogger


I have heard a lot of debate about this issue. Blogger or WordPress? Which is the best blogging platform? Many people tend to go ahead and give lots of reasons why they love this or that, but they totally miss the point. Even Tumbler has lots of users who think it is awesome.

If you ask me, both platforms are really great. WordPress gets most of its strong points because it can be customized to virtually anything you want. On the other hand, Blogger is user-friendly and can be used by anybody who has ever opened an email account. So which way to go?

Since we don’t seem to choose which is a greater blogging platform, it would be better to argue from a user point of view. Let’s focus on newbies, guys trying to get their feet around the world wide web Page Design Shop.

Blogger Or WordPress

If you are just starting on the journey of making money blogging, start with Blogger. You may move to WordPress later(It is a really great blogging platform) when you have learned the ropes. The reasons why I recommend Blogger are straightforward.

You can earn before you spend- The free version of WordPress ( doesn’t allow you to monetize your site unless you opt to upgrade to self-hosted WordPress ( That means you won’t earn anything until you have spent some money putting up your blog. However, Blogger allows you to monetize your site, and you could be making lots of AdSense money before you have spent anything.

It is effortless to use- Anyone who reads this article can use Blogger. They have a drag and drop interface that can be used by anybody. Even placing images wherever you want when posting is the same; drag it to wherever you want it and save.

Google Loves Blogger- Blogger is a Google product, and for that reason, they love it. I have amassed lots of traffic to my Blogger blogs with simple SEO tricks here and there. I can floor big guns when it comes to rankings very easily. Google may not admit it, but pretty sure Blogger gets some preference.

Allow you to move to a custom domain- If you don’t feel like having the. Blog spot extension on your domain name, you can move to a custom domain. Google has a partnership with GoDaddy, and all you have to do is buy a domain name for a few dollars a year.

Sounds great? Sure, and that is why I love Blogger. I might migrate to WordPress at some point, but I will always have my Blogger blogs around. You can make lots of money with them.