How smart controls can change your whole life


Smart controls can make tedious tasks, like vacuuming and altering the thermostat, more convenient. Install smart controls in various places to help you keep track of everything in your home. Technology doesn’t need to be super expensive,, either. A simple Amazon Alexa or set of smart light bulbs can transform mundane everyday tasks.

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Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of smart controls.

Do you need a smart device or system?

A smart system is the overall command center for every smart individual product in your home. For example, an Amazon Assistant can control various products. You can speak to these products when you want something to happen in your home. Unfortunately, even smart systems have limits on what they can do…

A smart device is an independent product that responds to the system’s commands. Make sure to look into the reviews of products and their integrations. Invest in a system that connects altogether, works smoothly, and provides the necessary service. There’s no point in buying a smart system when it doesn’t connect to your devices!

Use a Google Nest to control your heating.

Did you know Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa control various smart thermostats? Voice control is often a hidden built-in feature in many tech products. Control your Google Nest from your phone or tablet with a simple command. Easy!

You can even adjust your home’s temperature when out of the house. Nest monitors your habits and adjusts accordingly to help you save energy. On average, the Google Nest enables you to save up to 10% on heating bills. It pays for itself.

Save energy with a smart thermostat and stop losing money on heating an empty house.

Install smart light bulbs for safety…

The TP-Link lightbulb lets you personalize and control your home’s lighting from anywhere. Turn the lights on in your home when you’re on holiday to make it look like someone is there. You can even adjust the brightness and color from the Kasa app or voice control. Smart light bulbs can reduce energy costs by 80% without compromising the brightness or quality. You can also control security cameras from your phone to check in on your home when you’re away. If a neighbor notices any suspicious activity, you can check on your cameras and turn a few lights on to be extra safe! With a few voice commands, you can feel safer and more relaxed in your home with the help of smart technology.