LEGO Ninjago: Cyber Command Release


LEGO Ninjago is a line of toys released by the LEGO Company based on the world-famous cartoon series of the same name. The Ninjago themes range from the Ninjago Cityscape to the Kung Zhu Theme. LEGO Ninjago has become a huge hit and the best-selling toy ever. The latest release of the Ninjago theme incorporates a few new features. It offers a few new sets that have distracted the toy collectors’ attention from the basic Ninjago Minifigures. This release aims to entice the children to play with the Ninjago toys and get them interested in the theme of Ninjago.

LEGO Ninjago

This release has some new exclusive Minifigures included in the set: Dipper, Dume, and Rigel. All of these mini-figures are exclusive to this set, and no one else will be able to obtain them. The other new Minifigures introduced are Dragonoid, Ripper Roo, and the returning Smax. These mini-figures are exclusive to this set, and the older Roo Minifigures from the earlier releases are not available anymore. The three turtles are the first to be introduced in the Ninjago series. They are the first of the new Ninjago Robots available and the first to be released outside of the LEGO Ninjago theme.

The Ninjago Cityscape is themed according to the movie released in theatres a few months after the movie’s release. It is themed like New York City in the film and painted brightly. This theme’s various features are released, like the helicopter that flies above, fire at point-of-sale, and the large spinning wheel.

The Kung Zhu Theme comes with five mini-figures introduced in the movie. They are the green ninja, the purple flame boar, and the orange monkey. They can be placed together as one whole miniature set, or they can be separated and used in various ways. The five Minifigures are exclusive to this release and are exclusively available assets. They are the cyan ninja turtle, the purple monkey, the green ninja, and the orange flame boar.

Some changes were made to the previous releases of the Ninja Stormer. The former was released with a few waves instead of the usual four included with the earlier sets. This meant more could be collected in one go, and the Minifigures would be easier to handle. Also, the Ninjago robots in this set have lights, so you can easily see them in dark areas.

The Kung Zhu tournament was introduced along with the movie’s release. There are sixteen Minifigures, including one king of Kung Zhu and five tournament minifigures, each with their respective star player, five masters, and five warriors. The minifigures can also be used together with one other individual or by themselves, which significantly increases the number of figures that could be collected. However, there is still only one master Minifigure, which is exclusive to this release alone.