Good Company: Planted in Beauty’s Vegan Skincare


Planted in Beauty co-founders Lynne Florio, 64, and Renee Tavoularis, fifty-three, have been feeling burnt out after running at luxurious skincare brand La Prairie for extra two decades. Florio, who worked as La Prairie’s international logo president for 25 years, and Tavoularis, who served as VP of virtual marketing for the corporation, wanted to recognize their fitness and reroute their careers.

“We have been at a factor in our lives in which we were burdened out after twenty years and wanted a better balance,” Florio says. Planted in Beauty “is tied to what we desire to do for our lives. We were virtually spotting that the goods we placed on our skin and ingested have plenty to do with how precise you will experience and how you appear, so we knew we wanted to do a skincare line.”

In April 2017, Florio and Tavoularis released Planted in Beauty, a cruelty-unfastened, vegan, herbal, and organic skincare line that includes greater than just topical merchandise.
“Our philosophy while we advanced the business enterprise was a holistic approach to holistic living,” Tavoularis says. “Today’s clients, with all the attention that’s happening—we’re pleased that they apprehend this connection among products, personal vitamins, and lifestyle selections. It’s vital to pores and skin fitness and general well-being.”

The Planted in Beauty line includes ingestible vegan dietary supplements or health training.

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Planted in Beauty offers a streamlined series of 7 skincare products, such as a make-up remover, a cleaner, and a “Firm + Smooth + Brighten Reparative Complex.” Just don’t name that remaining one an “anti-getting older” treatment.

“We came from La Prairie—that became anti-getting old, and the enterprise became all anti-aging,” Tavoularis says. “We shouldn’t be looking to prevent time or try and avoid what’s inevitable, but surely embody it and approach it. You can still do things to help the appearance and feel higher.”

Florio and Tavoularis say they intentionally stored the collection small. The skincare line uses natural substances, such as many organic ones, instead of biotech or chemical processing.

Florio says her “cross-to” product is the Polish + Resurface Exfoliant, thanks to its fruit extracts that help retexturize her skin. “It has raspberries and pineapple in it. They’re no longer simply foods you could eat to detox and brighten your pores and skin, but they’re right to your skin.”

Tavoularis says one of her favorite merchandise is the Depuff + Illuminate Eye Firming Complex. “It is going right into your skin,” she says. “It detoxes, corporations, brightens, and facilitates with darkish circles. For me, that’s continually been the weak part of my face—my tiredness is the primary show underneath my eyes, so I certainly love the attention complicated. I’ve noticed a profound exclusive under my eyes.”


The Polish + Resurface Exfoliant costs $70, while the Depuff + Illuminate Eye Firming Complex costs $90. Curious purchasers who need to check the waters before committing can order a seven-merchandise travel kit for $ forty-nine .50. For folks wanting to attempt the supplements, a 60-day Inside Out Skin Wellness delivery costs $ sixty-five. Aside from the journey package, clients can favor to car-fill up their merchandise for a 20% discount.


Planted in Beauty’s skincare merchandise have passed numerous rigorous certifications, consisting of Ecocert, which certifies natural and organic cosmetics, and Environmental Working Group (EWG), which checks that products are appropriately preserved and free of contaminants.

Planted in Beauty, customers can also favor supplementing their skincare workouts with its Inside Out Wellness -component software of dietary supplements, which aims to nourish and toughen the skin. Inside Out Wellness consists of Protect + Purify + Firm Antioxidant Blend, a powder complement, and Glow + Replenish + Balance Berry Oil Blend softgels.

Tavoularis is a fitness coach licensed via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As part of the employer’s holistic approach, Planted in Beauty also gives free 45-minute consultations with fitness coach partners on its website. People who want to keep with a program can sign up directly with the coaches after the session.


Planted in Beauty follows Ecocert’s recommendations to ensure ingredients come from holistic farming practices, including soil regeneration and soil biodiversity efforts. Planted in Beauty does now not use toxic chemical substances during its manufacturing technique, and as an alternative, uses recyclable and biodegradable solvents. The line also makes merchandise with materials free of pesticides and fungicides.

Our procedure is low electricity, which is all validated by a vital third party, Ecocert,” Florio says. “They affirm all of our merchandise and comply with from plant seed to seed planting to extraction—meaning, taking the best of the plant out of it—to manufacturing to fill and assembly. It’s not only for [our customer’s] end advantage; however, also it’s exact for the earth and surroundings in general.”

Ecocert also evaluates Planted in Beauty’s packaging. The company’s plastics are all recyclable, and the outer packages have instructions published without any extra paper or enclosures.

Through the business enterprise’s 1% for the Planet, 1% of its income is donated to the nonprofit Wellness within the Schools to assist faculties with wholesome, clean-cooked meals. Florio says, “They communicate to kids about better approaches to consumption, health, and nutrients. When you start younger with that education, you’ll have more healthy lifestyles in the years to come.”


Florio says Planted in Beauty would possibly amplify its line. “A sunblock or perhaps a lightly colored foundation product could be the subsequent step.” She says of the foundation, “It’s one factor to have a beautiful clear palette; however, for a more finished appearance, we’re seeking out something like that, in all likelihood, a foundation or lightly tinted moisturizer with SPF elements to it.”