Love it or hate it, Southwest Airways has a unique seating method. Most airways will assign you an actual seat, Southwest offers you a boarding wide variety, and you can pick any open seat on the aircraft. Some experience selecting who they sit after. However,, others don’t, just like the anxiety of no longer knowing where you’ll sit until you are on the plane. I desired a few thoughts on getting the first-class seat feasible on a Southwest Airlines flight. They’ve regarded training sessions quite darn well for me over time.

It can be a bit puzzling if you haven’t flown Southwest earlier. While looking at it, you may get a boarding letter – A, B, or C – and various – 1-60. A1 is fine, and C23 (on a 737-seven-hundred) / C55 (on a 737-800) is the worst. Irrespective of your percentage, there are methods to improve when you take a seat — until you remain on board.

SOUTHWEST AIRLINESThe first Boeing 737 in Southwest’s new livery – photograph: Mal Muir
the first Boeing 737 in Southwest’s new livery – photo: Mal Muir | AirlineReporter
a few people can go for the window seat, while others for the aisle. I don’t recognize all of us looking to get a middle seat. You may suppose having a low letter/variety guarantees a terrific seat. However, it won’t. I provide you with eight recommendations to enhance your possibilities of scoring a candy seat. Then I brought up some ideas I sincerely do not truely propose… they might get you in hassle. There are no scientific studies on those, and not pronouncing they usually work. However, they seem to paintings time and again:

1. ASK IF THE FLIGHT IS complete

earlier than boarding, ask the gate agent if the flight might be full or how complete it is probably. If it’s miles complete, none of those truely rely on it. Try to get a window/aisle seat close to the front or in an exit row. If you are inside the C-institution, be prepared for a center seat and a horrific flight. However, surely, the high-quality element isn’t to be a C (see below).

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2. DON’T BE in the C institution

seriously, don’t be inside the C-organization. If you study AirlineReporter and come to be in the C group, you should be embarrassed. If you happened in this tale and are not a frequent flier (welcome, make certain to study our different stories), this is your lesson to check in early and avoid the C organization.

Okay, I understand that existence occurs, so if you, one way or the other, turn out to be in the C organization one way or the other, take the first window or aisle seat viable and, subsequent time, take a look at Great News Network in advance.

A cabin mockup of the 737 MAX ate with the brand new Meridian seats. Photograph: Southwest
Cabin mockup of the 737 MAX ate with the new Meridian seats – photograph: Southwest.

3. DON’T sit down in the go-out ROW

Oh, you observed those are the high seats, right? Properly, perhaps for legroom; however, they’ll be the primary, middle seats to move. If you, the handiest, need legroom, and don’t care about someone sitting after you, move for it. I’d a good deal alternatively snag a row with an empty center seat — if you’re inside the same boat, then do now not take a seat inside the exit row!

4. Sit down close to THE front

try to get a seat close to the front of the aircraft. Different passengers will keep heading to the rear when it fills, hoping to find an empty row, window seat, or aisle seat. Although they make the return and recognize the simplest middle seats are left, they received’t head back to the front… they may take one close to the rear and more likely leave you with an empty seat after you.

Southwest’s Innovator II, from a similar attitude. (Pre-Evolve showed)
Southwest’s Innovator II, from a comparable perspective (Pre-Evolve showed)

5. DON’T select AN EMPTY ROW

Seeing an empty row may be exciting… however, it can backfire. Pick a row with someone already sitting inside the aisle or window seat (and you’re taking the alternative). If you take a brand new row, you may get a couple (or a child with a figure) sitting next to you.

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6. TAKE A younger child WITH YOU

I don’t have one, I cable to do that, but I have many empty seats in a row if a kid travels with an adult. Probably now not worth it to borrow someone’s child to grow the chances of an open seat on your row. I usually sense bad for human beings flying alone with a child, but I will also attempt to keep away from sitting next to them, if feasible. I had the latest Southwest flight, where a kid urinated in his seat. Once more, I felt awful, but I additionally don’t want to be the only one sitting next to him.

7. DON’T BE appealing

I have difficulty with this one because I’m so attractive (that is sarcasm using the manner). It appears all the appealing people (particularly ladies) will quickly locate seats filling up after them. Attempt to look at least attractive as feasible to maintain the middle after you empty for as long as possible.

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8. Keep away from EYE contact

Now, don’t cross two ways and not look at a person speakme to you. However, human beings sense tons more security, asking, “Is that seat taken,” if they have eye contact. Look out the window or begin reading the in-flight mag. In case you want to move pro, install a few headphones.

A Southwest 737 departing John Wayne Airport. Southwest is the dominant provider of intra-California flights. Photo: John Nguyen | AirlineReporter

A Southwest 737 departing John Wayne Airport – photo: John Nguyen | AirlineReporter
alright. The seat suggestions above, nonetheless, make you a decent character. Those under do no longer. I propose you by no means virtually do those, but have visible others use them and turn out to be with some empty seats. Be careful… some may backfire, and others may begin making you rethink your character.

A. pretend YOU no longer recognize ENGLISH

proper or incorrect, in many instances, this could leave you with an empty seat. But be sure you remember the language you are pretending to speak. If your capacity seatmate knows the language, your flight gets awkward immediately.


I have never had sufficient guts to try this one, and it’s miles volatile. People are less likely to take the window or aisle if they know the center seat will be accepted. If this backfires, you will discover yourself inside the middle heart when you should have effortlessly had a window or aisle. Your pleasure will go through, and your seat associates will question your motivations.

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C. take in AS much space as possible

Take your laptop out and begin running on it, spread your fingers as much as feasible, and position your crap within the center seat. It’ll make passengers think the heart is already taken and flow on. In case you need to head complete-on a-hole while requesting if the heart is taken… say, “Positive is, they’re inside the toilet.”

a few luvs – image: Southwest Airwaysa few luvs – photo: Southwest airlines


faux to be ill or insane. Perhaps do each. Talking to yourself facilitates, but human beings would possibly assume you’re simply speaking on a telephone with Bluetooth. Be careful… if you move too long, you are getting booted off the aircraft before it leaves the gate.

E. goes more THAN just UN-attractive

put on dirty clothes, and don’t bathe every week earlier than your flight. Please make certain to put on some neon-colored Crocs and have them smell… heck, wear a few white socks with them too! Have some appropriate Mexican food within the airport and ask for added beans. The disadvantage is that you have to cope with your stench and won’t be allowed on the aircraft.

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I know some people have some legitimate space troubles. However, that is a tiny percent of the population. If you begin crying and being semi-hysterical (bear in mind, you don’t need to get booted) and begging humans to change your middle seat for something higher… you probably will emerge with an empty seat next to you. Maybe throw in some dry heaves in there to ensure.

Flying in a window seat on a Southwest 737
Flying in a window seat on a Southwest 737


I’m not partial to paying to board early or have a priority boarding repute. However, if you are wondering what boarding quantity you will be with, or you have an excessive amount of cash that you are looking to be rid of, then the EarlyBird option is probably for you. Is EarlyBird worth it? That relies upon you.

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EarlyBird routinely exams you 12 hours earlier than the alternative passengers. It commonly advantages you, but if there are others with status or people who additionally pay for EarlyBird, you can still turn out to be in the B-group. Lame. Although within the B-organization, you will likely still get a window and aisle. You could additionally pay ~$forty on the gate for a primo spot, but maximum mosts aren’t inclined to spend that locating THE fine SOUTHWEST airways SEAT conclusion

Being an affected person, checking in as early as possible, and keeping cool are great approaches to discovering an accurate Southwest flight seat. Even if you are inside the center seat, attempt to smile and understand you’ll get to your destination.

There ought to be extra suggestions and hints. What are some of your techniques for purchasing a great seat on Southwest? And if you observed this benefit, you might also revel in some alternative notable airline testimonies we’ve written!
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