Telegraph Travel Awards 2015-sixteen: Britain’s best excursion operators


Absolute confidence Mike Gooley, the charismatic owner and founder of Trailfinders, who has run the employer for more than forty years, will be disenchanted with the second vicinity. He has always set extremely high customer support requirements, and his staff has always added. However, he shouldn’t be; this is another remarkable performance using one of Journey’s most famous groups.

In case you are looking for the ebook long haul – an in-depth itinerary or a reasonably trustworthy hotel holiday – you gained’t do more than to get Audley and Trailfinders charges. Scott Dunn is the pinnacle-cease fixer-par excellence, from quality ski lodges to luxurious villas, personal safaris, and distinctive beach resorts. It also gives a strong line in family vacations. The popularity of escorted excursions is on the upward thrust.

In response, operators are handing over increasingly more sophisticated itineraries catering to every kind of tourist. Even as coach tours to Europe remain perennial favorites, we also see an increase in lengthy-haul programs, especially to Canada, Australia, Japan, and destinations with Burma and Iran, which have long been tough to visit. However, at the moment is opening up to tourism.

Main the p.C. is Trafalgar, a family-owned operator fine acknowledged for Leading excursions to Europe from America and Australia. The corporation has set its points of interest on the UK marketplace and is keen to bolster its presence there. In addition to providing exquisite itineraries and a high widespread of lodging, it is also one of the first tour operators to roll out “insider studies,” consisting of eating with locals in their houses.


Following intently behind is APT, an Australian river cruise operator which runs an escorted excursions program. Its portfolio is wide-ranging: from botanical excursions and culinary trips to four-wheel power adventures. Subsequently, in 1/3 area is Wendy Wu, the UK’s Asia professional. It has a strong program focused on China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, But it’s slowly increasing its services to South The us and South Africa. The business enterprise’s nearby understanding, mainly in Asia, is unrivaled, and its products offer awesome fees for cash.

For all of the possibilities to make magnificent discoveries in furthest-flung outposts proffered through many professional excursion operators, this yr’s winner in this exciting class location its emphasis on sitting nevertheless and pausing for ideas. Wellness Escapes deals in more than a few getaways – yoga vacations, Ayurveda retreats, spa sessions, and detox breaks – in which the grass could be very much alleged to develop beneath your ft.

Of root, such adventures can always involve a good-sized dose of Travel – and destinations covered with the employer’s aid consist of India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and St Lucia. But if you prefer the consciousness of relaxation a touch closer to home, you can also ebook a relaxing serenade in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy – or the UK. As our winner’s internet site terms it: “Why Travel midway the world over for a luxurious spa holiday?” Why certainly.