How to Make A Difference in Healthcare


For those that work in healthcare, there is a good chance that you entered this field because you wanted to make a difference. Healthcare is one of the most rewarding areas to work in because you get to make such a big difference to people’s lives and public health and even save lives no matter your role. Those passionate about what they do will want to find extra ways to make a difference with their position, which could also help you stand out, advance your career, and affect change at the highest possible level. Read on for a few ways in which you could do this.

Difference in Healthcare

Spend Extra Time with Patients & Loved Ones

One of the best things you can do in a healthcare position is simply spending more time with patients and their loved ones. Being in a hospital is never a nice experience and can be scary, so supporting and connecting with your patients can make a big difference to their experience. You should always see patients as people and not simply a health issue that needs solving; you should always be empathic and think about their loved ones, who are often shocked, scared and confused, and in need of support just as much. It is amazing how simply being kind and listening to your patients can make a huge difference and help them feel much calmer and looked after, so do not overlook the importance of spending time with the people you are treating.

Help Your Colleagues

Providing healthcare is a team-based effort; the best healthcare professionals will do all they can to support their colleagues even if they are not on the clock. This might involve helping them with patient care, giving your thoughts on a particular case, or simply being for them when they are having a difficult day. This will help you form strong relationships with your colleagues, improve the overall level of care that patients get, and help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. On top of this, if you are willing to help out when colleagues need it, they will be ready to do the same for you, which can be a great feeling when working in such a stressful, demanding, and often upsetting area.

Learn from More Experienced Staff

You can also learn and make a difference by observing and communicating with staff with more experience and those you look up to. You can learn a great deal about healthcare during your studies, but nothing prepares you for the experience of working in healthcare, which is why it is so helpful to look to those that have lived this lifestyle for several years already. If possible, you might find it beneficial to find a mentor who will provide advice and guidance in your career’s early stages, and even if you have been in your field for a while, there will always be something new you can learn. Sometimes you can even learn from more unique team members who have more updated training skills if they have been in more recent education than your training.

Develop Your Soft Skills

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, administrator, or any other type of role in healthcare, you can always make a difference and improve your performance by developing your soft skills. Soft skills are always important in any job, particularly in healthcare, which is about staying organized and communicating clearly and efficiently. Consider if any soft skills are weaknesses and then find ways to develop these, such as research, training courses, and practice. When you can improve your communication skills, you will communicate more effectively with your colleagues while providing care. Still, you can also support your patients and help them understand that good communication skills can make a big difference in healthcare.

Educate Patients

Following this, you should also make sure that you take the time to educate your patients instead of simply treating them and then moving on to the next patient. This is important because it could help them change their lives positively and avoid returning to the hospital. It is also helpful for creating stronger relationships and showing that you care to feel looked after and more settled while in the hospital. This means that it is a win-win situation and will hopefully make a big difference in the lives of those you treat.

Identify the Best Ways to Improve

It would help if you also spent time analyzing yourself and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has flaws, and this is ok, but those that can make a difference and climb the ladder are the ones that will work on their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. In addition to assessing your abilities, it is also a good idea to ask for feedback from others – while sometimes it can be hard to hear, often people will have weaknesses that they are unaware of, so this can be a highly effective way to improve as well as show your commitment to self-improvement.

Stay Up to Date

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is that it is constantly changing. For a nurse, for example, many practices from 30 years ago are no longer used, which means that you need to stay current to succeed in your role. This means that you need to make an effort to stay up to date with what is happening in your particular field and healthcare as a whole, which you can do by attending industry events, reading respected journals, listening to podcasts, and reading blogs just as a few ideas. You will also need to be flexible and willing to change to find continued success throughout your career.

Earn A Doctor of Education Online

If you want to rise to a leadership role and make a difference in healthcare, then a doctorate of education online program is a smart idea. These programs will develop the skills and knowledge required to create, transform, and apply professional knowledge and leadership practices and produce positive change at the highest possible level in healthcare. Being an influential leader is not easy, especially for healthcare, but this degree will help you achieve this and get much more out of your career.

Bring Positivity Into The Workplace

One of the simplest ways to make a difference in your position is to come to work each day with positive energy. Those that are negative, low energy, and hard to communicate with find it very hard to succeed in healthcare, and it can also bring down the mood of your colleagues and anyone else around you. When you bring positive energy, you can improve the atmosphere, lift people’s spirits in an emotional environment, and improve your performance.

Look After Yourself

To come to work each day with positive energy and to be able to give 100% each day in a demanding role, you need to master self-care, which is challenging in a healthcare position. You need to be able to switch off after your shift and keep your work and personal life separate, make the most out of your free time, get enough sleep, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, if you are suffering mental health-wise, reaching out is important. Healthcare positions can be extremely challenging and take their toll physically and mentally, so you need to prioritize self-care. This is important for your performance, so it is not something that you should feel guilty about.

Be Compassionate with Getting Too Attached

One of the hardest aspects of healthcare is getting the right balance of being compassionate without getting too attached. It is essential to be human and kind and spend time with your patients and their loved ones, but you must not get too attached; otherwise, this can interfere with your work and impact the level of care you provide to others and your mental health. The best healthcare professionals are the ones that can connect with patients and show empathy but then be able to swiftly move on and provide the same level of care to the next patient.

You can make a difference with a healthcare career, and these tips should help you improve and stand out. Working in healthcare can be incredibly rewarding and provide great job satisfaction. Still, there is always more that you can do, and you might find that this will also help you to advance your career and affect change at the highest possible level.