Tips to Start Editing Videos As a Beginner


Recording videos is easier than ever, and can be done fairly conveniently with practically any digital camera or smartphone. However if you want to make sure your videos look good or turn them into content worth sharing on social media – you need to be able to edit the videos that you record.

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People often assume that video editing is hard, and the truth is that it does require some skill and experience. That being said even a beginner can improve their videos by leaps and bounds with the help of a few simple tips:

  • Automatically correct the white balance

One of the most common issues with videos is the white balance tends to be off, causing the video to have a strange hue. By correcting the white balance you can instantly improve your video, and the best part is that most editors have automated tools that will do the job for you.

If you want more control over the white balance and colors you can try adjusting the temperature and other color settings manually. In fact it is a good idea to do so, as it will give you a better understanding of how it affects your video’s colors.

  • Try different types of video cuts

The manner in which you cut together your video will have a dramatic effect on its structure, pace, and flow. That is why it helps to try out different types of cuts and see how they work.

As a starting point you should try basic cuts such as the jump cut, L and J cut, cut on action, or cutaway.

  • Crop using the rule of thirds as a guide

Another simple way to edit videos is by cropping them. Cropping a video will let you adjust its frame, which can be useful to alter the aspect ratio or remove unwanted sections of video.

More importantly however you can use the rule of thirds as a guide and improve the composition by cropping the video. Some editors such as Movavi Video Editor will even provide gridlines as part of the crop tool so you can easily align the subject and other elements accordingly.

  • Don’t overlook the audio

Always keep in mind that the audio plays a big part in the video as well, and you shouldn’t overlook it when editing. If you’re creating a video from multiple clips, a good place to start is to make sure the volume is consistently throughout them.

Another way to improve the audio when editing is to add background music – either throughout the video, as bookends, or at specific points.

Overall you don’t need any experience to start editing your video using the tips listed above. In fact part of the reason why you should use these tips is because they will help you to acquire the experience that you need – while at the same time give you a good place to start editing and improving your videos effectively right off the bat.