Top 8 Tips for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online


Buying or growing cannabis seeds has become normal for most individuals who want a self-sufficient recreational and medical marijuana supply. Once you have a tent and essentials, cultivating cannabis may be more affordable than buying it from social clubs, dispensaries, or streets.

There are some ways of buying marijuana seeds. In countries like the Netherlands, where cultivating marijuana is legal, cannabis seeds may be purchased in coffee and grow shops. However, in some countries where parts of cannabis are illegal, you may need to learn how and where to buy marijuana seeds online through the following ways:

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1. Determine Quality

As a breeder or grower, cultivating high-quality marijuana plants should start by looking for premium seeds. You can check the Quality of the sources’ appearance and color. Usually, marijuana seeds have aesthetic qualities, which makes them low-quality or unhealthy. When buying, look for references, which are dark in color, such as black or brown. Immature seeds are also simple to spot because they have lighter colors, like white, yellow, and pale green.

Healthy and quality seeds must also have durable and crack-free outer shells without holes made by pests. If you also squeeze the sources, they shouldn’t break easily. Apart from color, appearance, hardness, and durability, you can also determine the Quality of seeds through the following:

  • Size
  • Age
  • Float test
  • Shape

2. Consider a Discreet Payment Method

There are many benefits to using Bitcoin when buying seeds online. Firstly, your payment transactions will be untraceable and 100% anonymous, making it perfect for buyers who want to be discreet. Lastly, most seed banks provide large discounts of up to 20% when buyers use Bitcoin to pay.

Besides Bitcoin, you can use other payment methods, like credit cards, bank wire, and PayPal. Although most seed banks and retailers use these payment modes, it’s always a good idea to consider cash upon delivery to avoid disclosing your personal information.

3. Research Properly

Although many legit and real seed sellers are on the internet, some banks are in the market to rip you off. For you to avoid scams, you need to research thoroughly.

The research may involve reading reviews, seeking recommendations, and asking around in a few reliable forums.

4. Choose Seeds You Want to Grow

It is important to choose high-quality marijuana seeds. To achieve this, you may have to be familiar with the varieties of sources you may buy. Your choice will determine the amount of care cannabis plants will require. For example, regular seeds produce female and male cannabis plants. The seeds are also not genetically or chemically altered – meaning they are natural.

Feminized is another type of seed, which ensures all resulting marijuana plants are female. The sources are created in a feminization process, so they are unnatural. Alternatively, you can grow auto-flowering roots that automatically start their flowering cycle immediately after they reach a particular age.

5. Look at the Cost

High-quality seeds from an established company sell at around $6-12 a source, but you may pay more money for limited edition seeds. When buying seeds, check out grow reports and see how long a prospective seed bank operates.

Always consider buying from a seed bank with a track record for reliability, excellence, customer service, and innovation. Remember also that costly seeds don’t mean they’re Quality, so if you want to avoid spending months growing low-quality sources without hope of a potent harvest, invest wisely.

6. Look for a Reputable Seller

When buying seeds, you must look for a trustworthy and reputable seller. There are currently a few sellers online, like Homegrown Cannabis Co, which has good image-making and timely delivery and offers high-quality products.

You can consult a few cannabis cultivators near you for help on where you may get the best seed company or bank.

7. Know the Growth Conditions

Even if your marijuana plants get enough sunlight daily, they will still need support from a special lamp for growing cannabis. Luckily, providing enough lighting does not have to be expensive. However, the kind of light you consider should depend on your home condition. For instance, if your cannabis plants are placed near the window, investing in a grow light will be a viable option because it can only add more lighting hours after sunset. You can consider buying a T8, CFL, or T5 to get the light your plants need.

Besides lighting, it would help if you offered the right humidity and temperature, though the amount may depend on the day’s time. The temperature should be around 26 degrees Celsius in the afternoon, but it needs to be lower at night. For your plants to grow healthily, you should also provide the following:

  • Enough water
  • Ventilation
  • Nutrients
  • Good soil
  • Fertilizers

8. Use Another Name and Email Address

If you want to avoid your name being associated with cannabis-related products, place orders without Track and Trace. You should not sign envelopes or parcels when they get delivered but use another word, initials, or abbreviation if you have to.

Beyond that, you should use another name without mentioning your name. You can create a free email address with Outlook or Gmail. While also browsing for cannabis seeds, you may use search engines like Qwant. Such an engine suits buyers who don’t want their data stored.

Final Thoughts!

Buying seeds is not allowed in every country, so it may be necessary to check the laws of where you live before making any order. However, when you still want to buy seeds, getting them online is the easiest way, but some risks are associated with the process.

To ensure you are more discreet and buy quality seeds, tips like finding a reputable seller, determining the Quality, and knowing the growth conditions will be valuable. Whether you prefer regular or auto-flowering and feminized seeds, these tips will give you a great and successful buying experience.