5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bunk Beds for Kids


Buying a bunk bed was probably the most exciting experience as a kid. Those cool stairs, quirky designs, and unlimited fun- this is what makes the bunk beds even more attractive to kids. However, as a parent, it is unlike buying other pieces of furniture. There are numerous aspects to be considered for ensuring your kids’ safety and upgrading your home’s aesthetics. But, with so many available options, how do you pick the best one for your kids’ room? Here is a list of a few things to be considered for choosing the most suitable option-

Age of your kids

Like any other furniture, buying a bunk bed starts by determining your needs, and the factor playing the key influencer would be the age of your kids. If you have younger kids, then safety should be your topmost priority. Bunk beds with high railings and small stairs serve that purpose well. On the other hand, the style becomes a major concern for older kids, so you can buy themed bunk beds to match their fun level.

Size of the room

You can plan to buy a bunk bed only if there is ample space for it. So, before you buy those pretty-looking bunk beds, look for where you want to keep the bunk bed. Take the room’s correct measurements to help you decide the kind of bed matching your requirements. Don’t forget to consider the space that would be gulped in by those cute bunk bed accessories (such as stairs or ladders). Moreover, this would help you look for a size that perfectly fits your room and doesn’t look shabby or out of place.

Bed type and features

Despite what some people may think, bunk beds come in various types and styles – twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, lofted beds, etc. You may also find bed configurations having triple sleeping surfaces. Each of these beds comes with different features serving different purposes. There may be special features like study areas, storage boxes, playing slides, etc. So, according to your child’s age and needs, one must determine the parts needed and pick the right bunk bed.

Warranty and after-sales service

No service cycle is complete if it lacks an after-sales touch, and no trust can be built in the brand if there is no guarantee for the services provided. So, one should always ask for the warranty conditions while buying the bed from any supplier or manufacturer. Remember- a solid warranty would imply confidence in their product and relieves you from all sorts of stress. Ask if the bunk bed’s wear and tear items can be replaced or repaired at no charge. By answering all these questions, you will have negligible chances of any ambiguities later.

Material and Construction

It is important to find a bunk bed that can handle an active child’s lifestyle. The bunk beds are available in metal, solid plastic, softwood, or hardwood. But most parents prefer buying hardwood bunk beds as they are the strongest and most durable. Moreover, there won’t be any need to replace them even after a few years of use. So, remember to closely examine the type of materials used, the bed’s assembly, and the quality of its frame. Also, look out if sturdy components are joined together precisely. After all, investing in high-quality bunk beds should be worth each penny spent.