TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Minecon, Darkest Dungeon, Valve’s New Game, and More


Kicking off this week in iOS gaming was an appearance I made on the Australian video games podcast, GameHugs. It’s an industry-centric podcast that explores the backstory of net sites and studios in the world of video games (and frequently mobile video games). On the maximum current episode, I get into what goes on behind the scenes walking a domain like TouchArcade, as well as the extraordinary chain of occasions that led me to TouchArcade — which include, but no longer restrained to, getting banned from the MacRumors forums. It’s a laughing story, however, if it really is not your cup of tea, as usual, there are continually tons of other things happening in the world of iOS games.

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Minecon, Darkest Dungeon, Valve’s New Game, and More

I’ve noted it in preceding roundups, but things are starting to get actual in relation to the impending launch of iOS 11 and with it, what we have been calling the 32-bit app-apocalypse. We started casually compiling a listing of our favorite games that have yet to be updated, which grew into this gargantuan article full of some touch arcade Android fantastic titles that probably are not going to paintings within the future. It’s really worth skimming thru, as if you’ve been buying iOS video games for a few years now I’d be sincerely amazed in case you didn’t own as a minimum one of the video games at the listing. It might be really worth one closing play via earlier than iOS 11 steamrolls the whole thing next month.


We’ve been giving Sega a quite hard time surrounding the launch of the “Sega Forever” lineup of unfastened with one-time release classic emulated games, as most of the re-released titles carry out worse than the primary time they hit the App Store, returned in 2009. This week, they released Ristar, which as cited within the tweet above consists of a brand new emulation engine. This new engine is masses higher than the only used in the rest of the Sega Forever lineup, making Ristar a sport well worth checking out just to experience the difference. Hopefully, Sega quickly updates the rest of its library with the up to date emulator.

If you have got youngsters who are into Minecraft both on the Mac, or Minecraft: Pocket Edition, chances are you’ve heard about Minecon. If not, it is an event Mojang puts on that is the region to be in case you even remotely care approximately the sport. It functions meetups, developer Q&A, and other matters along the one’s lines. The hassle is, Minecraft is a very inclusive game and an expensive convention with a restrained variety of tickets is reasonably distinct. In the destiny, they’re moving the event to be centered around live-streaming and interactive community events that everyone, not just people at Minecon, can participate in. This looks like a without a doubt cool move. Watch the video above for way more information.

In regards to games to look forward to, one identity we are terrific stoked for is Darkest Dungeon coming to iPad. We’ve regarded it’s been in the works for a while, however now we’ve got a release date: August 29. Darkest Dungeon is an award-prevailing RPG that currently is best available on Steam. The iPad port is going to have an actually cool function: totally cross-platform Dropbox store syncing. I’m continually a big fan of this form of aspect, and truly want more developers took the time to put in force it — particularly whilst porting video games like this.

The International is taking location this week, which is largely the DOTA 2 equivalent of the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl being sandwiched collectively into one huge week long occasion. Between games, they announced that they were going to reveal a sports Valve has been working on. Valve fans touch arcade forum had been the demise for Half Life 3 (or Portal three, or another sequel) for years now, and many thought this will be it. What they ended up revealing is a possible free to play myth collectible card recreation known as Artifact. The crowd reaction changed into great:

While I’m certain Artifact will do very well, in particular in the event that they tie in the Steam Marketplace, yet any other virtual collectible card recreation is close to the dullest aspect Valve could have introduced. Regardless, with those forms of games, the secret’s to get as many people as feasible playing them. Platforms have not begun to be introduced, but it absolutely wouldn’t wonder me in any respect if Artifact got here to both Mac and cellular. Whatever it’s going to be on, it might not be released until next year.

When it involves to digital collectible card video games you may really play right now on both Mac and iOS, Hearthstone’s new growth launched this week. Aside from loads touch arcade android of new playing cards, Knights of the Frozen Throne additionally functions a few actually cool unmarried participant content material. Blizzard is liberating new missions every week until gamers ultimately face off in opposition to the Lich King himself. Oh, and per the above video, the Lich King is genuinely into analyzing imply tweets.

Last, but now not least, is a complicated lawsuit via Gamevice. If you have not heard of them, they make some quite cool MFi controller accessories that you stick your iPhone or iPad in to play them in a shape factor it really is quite close to the Nintendo Switch. In the eyes of Gamevice, a bit too close to the Nintendo Switch, that is why they are taking them to court docket for patent infringement. If Gamevice is successful of their lawsuit, they may put a prevent to Nintendo Switch income altogether. It seems unlikely, but as a spectator sport, looking these patent instances evolve is usually exciting.


That’s it for this week in iOS gaming, however as usually if you enjoy those types of things make sure to check out TouchArcade. We evaluate tons of video games, submit way extra news like this, and feature a weekly podcast that is also a splendid manner to maintain up in the world of iOS video games.


IOS or Android: Which Operating System Should You Program for First?

For the motive that the appearance of smartphones, a healthy debate has raged over which cell walking system reigns ideally suited. The communication generally involves the two contenders iOS and Android. And, given the open-source nature of Android, Google’s flagship operating gadget (OS) typically earns the nod from small best free online gaming sites corporations looking to compete closer to set up game enthusiasts.

But Microsoft is now shaking matters up. At its construct 2015 convention, the employer introduced that its new domestic home windows 10 will permit builders to results easily reconcile each Android and iOS apps at the house windows platform similarly to comprise older Win32-based totally apps (which compete with computer OS structures).

At the equal time as this makes porting to home windows an apparent desire, it though leaves builders with a looming question: Which OS have to they broaden an app for first?

To determine the proper route for your app, start with the ones four questions:

1. Do I have a Mac?

The proprietary nature of Apple’s iOS format extends all the manner through to the programming. Apps for iOS must be developed in Xcode, it is presently available the only on Macs. Besides, it’s, in reality, easier to art work with a Mac. If you don’t already ios definition private one, you’ll need to buy one earlier than you can start to code. When you have got a Mac and are seeking out an American target audience, the iTunes preserve — wherein clients have already linked their credit playing cards — is an incredible vicinity to promote your app.

2. What can my fee variety guide?

According to the latest survey of essential app builders, the rate to develop an iOS app varies extensively, with a median rate of virtually $38,000 to greater than $171,000. Android apps price about 21 percent less to develop for a seventy-8 percentage of the market. Except you have got iOS 8.4 overwhelming proof that your audience usually defines ios device uses iPhones (or you have got a surplus of funding), it’s extra prudent to goal Android first, particularly on modest finances.

And due to the fact iOS customers have heightened expectations for design, you’ll want a larger price variety to put money into one it is top-notch.

3. Which language are my builders more comfy with?

Open-source app improvement does have its drawbacks. Android displays and inner device specs range in duration tons extra than with iOS, that’s confined to the iPhone and iPad. Because of this, Android apps are more at risk of insects; and constant checking out needs to be completed to make certain apps are functioning properly across all devices.

Further, to its more steady devices, iOS’ Xcode framework simplifies the app-improvement machine for those uncomfortable with coding — however at a pinnacle class, of course. Especially, you need to make sure you or your builders are nicely-versed within the language and framework you choose.

4. How fast do I want to hit my selected app save?

In case, you need to release speedy, you’ll get your app into Google Play with Android plenty extra /. Plus, greater builders are making apps for the Google Play list of ios devices maintain than for Apple’s App Store, so as a small business organization proprietor, you will locate it less difficult to locate a developer to create an Android app than you may an iOS developer.


At the identical time as the blessings of developing for the Android OS are tempting, there are advantages to programming for iOS which can’t be overlooked, especially if your income hinges on in-app purchases. Apple users are typically free online gaming greater wealthy and consequently much more likely to spend cash shopping for your app.

To gain the widest audience viable, you could need your app to finally be to be had in all stores on all structures. And that can be feasible if clearly being cellular-geared up is good enough for your app.

But, whilst it is probably extremely gaming websites good to increase as soon as and installation anywhere, this promise hasn’t but been absolutely fulfilled. So, in case you want the feel of a native app, there’s no manner round having to move neighborhood.

Perhaps with the discharge of windows 10, TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Minecon, Darkest Dungeon, Valve’s New Game, and More Microsoft may also create a way to effortlessly port apps to Android and iOS, making it the plain OS to broaden for first. Until that day, you’ll want to weigh your priorities to decide at the OS that fantastic helps your customers — and your bottom line.