Which Athletes Really Are the Fittest?


The scope of sports and athletics is interesting because of how many different body types we see. Other people excel at other sports because of their particular build and the demands of the sport itself. As a result, we see widely different physiques in something like tennis compared to strongman competitions. Participants in both sports can call themselves athletes, but often we have to sit back and wonder which athletes are the “fittest”? Here is a look at a few different sports and the wide range of physical attributes they exemplify.



Football is known for being an aggressive and somewhat dangerous sport with immense depth. The incredible thing about football is how many different body types are front and center in this sport. Depending on position, we may see everything from lean, sprinting-focused athletes to huge towering physiques with a high body fat percentage.

While some quarterbacks like Russell Wilson or famously Michael Vick can run and maneuver and runbacks, others like Ben Roethlisberger are not concerned with being exciting and dynamic. Ben’s huge, lumbering 6’5″ height and 250lb build make him a strong athlete that shakes off tackles. This is one reason why the Steelers are so consistently picked by analysts in their NFL picks and parlays. Despite being so massive, NFL athletes are quite athletic and do intense cardio throughout their games. Unfortunately, football also has a high risk of injury, including brain trauma and knee problems.


Swimming is an incredibly low-impact sport that is much more forgiving on the body. Most doctors would tell you it is one of the best exercises to perform regularly. While cardio-intensive and a great workout, it is also remarkably gentle on your spine and joints. Swimmers are known for having long, incredibly lean bodies that are still very powerful and dynamic. Due to the immense effort, it takes to swim all day, top athletes like Michael Phelps must eat thousands of calories a day or quickly become too thin.


If you’re interested in having an envious body and some terrific skills to show off, gymnastics is one of the most underrated and valuable sports to pick up. Gymnasts are known for their excruciatingly difficult workout regimens that push their bodies to the limit. For their efforts and persistence, gymnasts are granted very prominent biceps and the best six-packs you will find in sports. Of course, this also comes with amazing flexibility and agility. Although gymnastics may be very challenging at the higher levels, major injuries are not that common, and instead, you may experience some joint soreness and a lot of blisters.

Athletes Really Are the FittestCrossFit Athletes

Your average gym-goer stereotype is one of a big bulky guy out of breath after a flight of stairs. CrossFit athletes are here to change your opinion of weightlifting with their specific workout plan and circuit training. The sport of CrossFit borrows many elements from other workout regimens and blends them into one program. There are elements of Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, strong men competitions, cardio workouts, and more. Instead of bulky bodybuilders, more commonly seen are athletes with a good blend of muscle and stamina. CrossFit has many great benefits, but injuries are not uncommon because of the exercise’s high-intensity nature.


Bicycling is a leisurely activity for many and an intense workout for others. A healthy love for biking can be therapeutic and put you in good shape for the rest of your life. The added benefit is enjoying the outside world and fresh air instead of being stuck in a hot, dusty gym all day. While no one will argue that bicycling is a great exercise, it does not give you a balanced physique. Most bicyclists are incredibly quad-dominant, leading to a more muscular look for the bottom half and a leaner look on the torso.