8 Stunningly Beautiful Places to Visit in Tuscany, Italy


Tuscany, Italy, is one of the top places on any traveler’s travel bucket list—and for a good reason. This place has a lot of charm and character, filled with beautiful spots marked in history. Tourists can walk through picture-perfect walled towns, drive around the area, and discover iconic locations anytime. Tour packages and Tuscan holiday rentals are available throughout the year, so you wouldn’t have to worry about accommodation and the most beautiful places to visit when planning a visit.

 Stunningly Beautiful Places

1. The historic center of Florence

Florence is known for art, history, and its impressive scenery. It’s like a large open museum featuring Renaissance delights that are captivating enough not to be shot with your camera. The majestic Cathedral is a must-see, topped by Brunelleschi’s famous dome. Formally known as the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, the Florence Cathedral is one of the most impressive sights in Italy. Its interior design preserves significant works of art. Don’t miss looking at the internal walls of the dome and its splendid stained glass windows.

2. Piazza del Campo and Duomo

If you seek a genuine Medieval feel, go beyond Piazza del Campo. This place in Siena is one of Italy’s most enchanting squares. ‘It’s so stunning that it’s considered a city treasure. Piazza del Campo will truly grab your attention with the remarkable Gothic buildings that encircle it. Another highlight is the Piazza del Duomo, which has a tranquil atmosphere. This Cathedral has a vast marble and was started during the 12th century.

3. Val D’Orcia

If you’re familiar with postcards from Tuscany, you must have seen Val D’Orcia in one of them. This place looks very dreamy and is one of the most scenic small towns in the area. Plenty of tourists all year round come to this region to see Pienza, the Renaissance model city. Love drinking wine? Then head down for a glass or two of their famous red wines like Brunello di Montalcino.

4. Leaning Tower

Your Tuscan trip would not be complete without visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It must be the most famous attraction in Tuscany, Italy! It’s so well-known across the globe that it must have become a lopsided symbol of Tuscany itself! There’s no wonder why it’s wonderful to spend hours looking at the details and taking a picture of it to share with your friends. The decoration, angels, and design of the structure are a marvel. A smart tip is to avoid large crowds at the Leaning Tower after sunset.

5. Maremma

If you’re into beaches, visit Tuscany to appreciate and enjoy Maremma during the Summerson fully. Ta go-to place for tourists who prefer unspoiled beaches and soak under the sun for hours. It’s a coastal town called a romantic paradise for couples and a great destination for families.


Lucca is situated between the wide coastal stretches of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the marble-clad frontispieces of Pisa. The best time to go is in the morning before the sun’s peak to take advantage of Lucca’s wonderful parkland. The area is wide, entirely walkable, and has greens and trees everywhere. It’s also an ideal place to go cycling. Wander around and see how Lucca is lined with pastel colors and squares that are easy to see. And while you’re there, take the perfect opportunity to visit the nearby Lucca Cathedral and enjoy the sun-splashed alfresco spaces.

7. Cortona

Fancy Medieval houses? Cortona is a great place to see impressive Medieval houses with winding cobbled streets and steep lanes. Located east of Tuscany, this place is famous as a stone-clad town with a gorgeous medieval tower. If you want souvenirs and gifts, check out the marketplaces between Garibaldi Square and the Santa Maria Cathedral on weekends. It’s a good place to score memorable finds and their specialty red wines. Also, come hungry and take a bite of their delicious lampredotto sandwiches.

8. Chianti

Encompassing Florence and Siena, the Chianti region is one of the favorite tourist spots for summer tourists, especially wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. It’s a good place to spend a relaxing Tuscan holiday. This vast land features lush vineyards, where wine-tasting opportunities await. It also has olive groves and rolling hills with dramatic and breathtaking views. Guided tours are available if you visit many vineyards, the “cantina,” or wine cellars to witness the famous Chianti Classico’s production. Stock up on wine, and taste their cheese and prosciutto, too!

There are more stunningly beautiful places to visit in Tuscany than in this list, and it’s quite impossible to visit them all in a week. So much history to be found and no shortage of significant sites to see! When planning a vacation, two weeks may be an ideal duration to maximize your stay. Your travel itinerary will surely be filled with several interesting places to explore. It’s important to research first to match the sites with your specific interest and make a whole list.