How to be a Church Secretary & Survive!


Whilst reading an article recently on the role of the church secretary or administrator, I noted that:-

The Church Secretary must:

1) have a caring attitude & excellent people skills

2) operate with integrity and have a positive attitude

3) be articulate & computer literate;

4) have effective verbal and word-processing skills

5) live a Christ-centered life.

 Church SecretaryWhether you’re a paid member of staff or a volunteer, the secretary’s role is a pretty demanding one!

One thing’s for sure, whether you’ve got plenty of experience in the role or are brand new, there’s nowhere quite like a church office to work!

“A good secretary is important in a church setting because he/she is on the front lines and is the first person the public sees or talks to.” Yes, this is a key role in welcoming people in the church and making them feel a part of the body of Christ.

Your role is to make the church leaders’ job easier by providing administrative and organizational support whilst simultaneously undertaking a hundred and one different tasks to ensure the smooth running of the church.

A church secretary’s job description will vary considerably from church to church – but many of the key tasks are similar – and it’s certainly more than just answering the phone and printing off the weekly newsletter or bulletin.

An effective secretary will multitask, deal with dozens of interruptions, meet impossible deadlines, and all whilst to continue to smile on through!

There is, however, one key thing for you to know before you undertake the role of secretary or administrator, and that is whether it is God’s calling for you. In a recent publication for new church staff, I found the following quote:- “above all, it is essential to know that your work is part of God’s work and forwarding His work in the Church and the locality.”

Without knowing that this is God’s calling for you, you might consider approaching this as an ordinary “job,” which will make you far less effective and more prone to spiritual burn out.

However, if you are confident that God is asking you to work for Him in this way, then you can be assured that “when God calls, God supplies.” When God supplies, He supplies fully, not just half-way or sparingly. That applies just as much to the people and office skills we need as to the finance that we may often consider when we talk of God’s calling and supply.

To summarise, a Church Secretary’s work is vital, serving the church and helping to enable its worldwide mission.