Are we all not just sick and tired of consuming those machine-made beers that are highly commercialised, so much so that almost every other beer by the major breweries taste the same? You know you want your beer strong and unique to suit your taste exclusively and give your taste buds a rich feeling. The answer to this is craft beer or boutique beer.

Craft beer is one which is crafted carefully by a microbrewery. A microbrewery is one which can produce only a limited amount of beer and special kind of brewers known as craft brewers are used here. They are immensely innovative in their manufacturing and are highly unique.

You might be amazed to know that in America, only 43 breweries out of 1759 are major breweries. Rest all fall under the ambit of microbreweries. While in Australia, the situation is quite reverse. Lately, the market in Australia has been 100% major breweries! However, with more and more major breweries being owned by non-Australians, citizens are turning towards microbreweries to support local economy.

If you hop into a nice pub, chances are quite high that you would find a nice mug of rich, craft beer gazing you right into your eyes, giving you all sorts of highs. With a taste so rich, people do not mind spending big bucks My Update Studio.

Craft beer

Having said all this, one major question that lingers in mind is how to differentiate between a craft beer and a commercial beer. Well, the answer to this lies in your senses. Firstly, the obvious one is the difference in taste. A craft beer would have a richer texture and taste too it than a commercial beer. Secondly, it would be packaged with all the fancy. Fancy labels, larger description of the content of the beer and more such nitty-gritties are used to make the craft beer more craft-y. Pun Intended.

Surveys have shown that people are even trying out home brewing these days! Home brewing can enrich your beer experience and up your drinking game by several notches. With home brewing, you would know all the whats and hows of beer fermentation and brewing. You can thus control flavour, strength and every other factor of your personalised beer. How amazing is that now?

If you are still caught up with the inertia of commercial beer and cannot take that plunge from commercial to craft, then you may try out some of these options. You can firstly taste some craft beers to get a hang of their uniqueness. Or, you may just enrol yourself in some nice and fancy beer club for a monthly supply of different varieties of beer. You may also do a basic comparative analysis of the commercial beer and craft beer to get to the root of the difference yourself. All this involves all pleasure and fun and we do not think you would be complaining at all.

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