Huawei honor 8 promised to get 2 years of software program updates


Huawei sub-logo honor is sincerely piling up the treats to trap US clients to replace over from more famous, mainstream, service backed smartphones they have got end up used to. Further to liberating the close to flagship but in reality more low priced honor 8 smartphone, the organization is now promising that stated tool is assured to get hold of continuous software updates over two years, and a wee bit extra afterwards. It’s almost as suitable because the Nexus promise, except in a branded, and custom designed, Android experience.

Greater tech savvy Android users are not just obsessed on specifications and hardware capabilities, though they are really still the core criteria for almost all shoppers. They have additionally all started to be extra conscious of every manufacturer’s software updates, how fast or how regularly they roll the ones out, specifically in regard to important protection fixes. Trying to enchantment to such users, honor is promising a 24-month period wherein users will frequently obtain new functions and , of direction, protection updates.
So right here is honor’s roadmap for the honour eight especially. The telephone gets updates that consist of new functions, that is, now not restrained only to worm fixes, up to 24 months (2 years) after the product lunch. Inside the first three hundred and sixty five days, in reality, honor plans to roll out the ones main updates at least once each three months, which nearly method there can be at least 4 essential updates In the first 12 months of the respect 8’s existence. Protection updates and bug fixes will be rolled out “in a timely way”. That, but, doesn’t sincerely say whether honor plans on freeing month-to-month protection updates as Google does.

Honor, however, does promise to head the extra mile and launch very essential security updates even past that 24-month length. OEMs, but, have a music file of developing selective amnesia after 2 years, so it’s no longer surely an assurance. We’d like to be proven incorrect, of path.

The organization has no longer yet made any solid commitment to bringing the approaching Android 7.0 Nougat to the respect eight, however as that falls Within the first one year, to be able to with any luck be a given. To recap, the respect eight has nearly top class specifications, with a Kirin 950 processor, 4 GB of RAM, a five.2-inch, though regrettably, Complete HD show, and a dual digicam sensor ala the Huawei P9. Focused on simplest $400 for 32 GB of garage, or $450 for sixty-four GB.